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Difficulties and challenges of an argumentative essay

How hard can your argumentative essays be? Are they doable with the number of other coursework and obligations you have? Let's take a look into how an argumentative essay can be time and energy-consuming.

The argumentative essay is a type of essay that requires the students to investigate a topic thoroughly, along with collecting, generating, and evaluating evidence for the essay.

Relevant evidence

To compose an argumentative essay you need to do a lot of secondary research; going through books, newspapers, journal articles, and dissertations to collect all your data. Most of these past papers are hard to collect due to limited time and resources.

Vague thesis statement

A thesis statement is the heart of an essay. Most British schools start to teach thesis statements in the first year of the Ordinary Level. Your instructors expect you to compose a clear and concise thesis statement. With the help of a good thesis statement, you will be able to structure your essays better.

Wrong tone

There is a tone of voice for each type of essay. A compare and contrast essay should sound different than an argumentative one. If you get your tone wrong during the composition of your arguments within the essay then there is a high chance your teachers would not accept it or worse give you a bad grade.


In an argumentative essay, you are supposed to create a question from the research you have conducted and then produce counterclaims for the argument. It is a task that most students find difficult to do. You need a professional writer that has experience making arguments and presenting answers to that arguments.

Free steps to select interesting Argumentative Essay Topics!

Our expert (Insert a British name) has a treat for you! We are providing you with free steps to select or create your very own argumentative essay topics.

Step#1 Find your area of interest

Have you always been fascinated by global warming? Or the UFO landing? Or any topic that has kept you wondering and creating arguments in your mind. Well, this is your chance to put thoughts to paper. When you find that area of interest, then it's time to move to the next time that involves a lot more analytical thinking.

Step#2 Do a background check

When you get select your topic, you need to conduct good research. You need to check into the background of the title. You do not want to work on a topic that has been overused. Therefore a thorough search into past papers will eliminate your hard work going to waste.

Step #3 Create a research question

Put on your thinking hat and start creating a solid question. This argumentative question will be added to the title. You need it to be eye-catching and also get the reader thinking.

For example:

  • Experiments on animals- Is it smart or inhumane?
  • Does the execution of an offender reduce the chances of rehabilitation?
  • Is the election process even full-proof and safe?
Step#4 Get the relevant answer

Your perspective will add value to your academic career. Now that you created a strong statement that questions the way our society works. Then comes the time to produce an answer that serves its purpose and also does not give birth to any counterclaims from the readers.

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