Forensic Accounting Research Topics 2023

The Most Substantial Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics to Pick!

Writing an accounting dissertation is a considerable achievement but is no easy feat. The encounter with it becomes unbearable when you don’t get to pick up the most handy and suitable forensic accounting dissertation topics for you! Choosing a convenient dissertation topic will not only help you ace your dissertation but it will ease the procedure of writing one and will make it free of all the unsolicited hassles.

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Top 10 Forensic Accounting Dissertation Topics You Should Consider For your Accounting Dissertation

Topic 1: Knowledge and Mind-set of Forensic accounting with the Fraud Risk assessment in respect to UK

  • To determine the association of Fraud Risk-assessment and Forensic accounting
  • To identify the knowledge and mind-set requirements for the forensic accounting and auditors in terms of risk assessment
  • To determine the different between forensic accountants and forensic auditors in respect to knowledge, mind-set and task performance.

Topic 2: Evaluating the influence of Corporate Governance with the detection of Forensic accounting: Case of UK listed companies

  • To understand the concepts of corporate governance and its importance to the company
  • To conduct the literature review on evaluating the importance of Forensic accounting
  • To determine the role of corporate governance with the identification of Forensic Accounting among the listed companies of UK.

Topic 3: Role of Forensic accounting in improving the overall efficiency of Public sector firms with the role of forensic auditing

  • To highlight the importance of forensic accounting in the current area
  • To distinguish between the concepts of forensic account and forensic auditing
  • To evaluate the role of forensic accounting in enhances the overall efficiency among the public sector with the moderating role of forensic auditing.

Topic 4: Investigating the theory of planned behaviour and intention of organization for using the services of Forensic accounting

  • To understand the theory of planned behaviour
  • To critically demonstrated the importance for organization in using forensic accounting
  • To assess the theory of planned behaviour with the organizational intention on utilizing Forensic accounting.

Topic 5: Organizational Intentions towards the use of Forensic Accounting services for the identification and protection of Fraud in case of UK

  • To evaluate the role of Forensic accounting services for determining and evaluating Fraud
  • To conduct literature review on identifying the benefits of forensic accounting
  • To determine the impact of organizational intentions on using forensic accounting services with the determining of Fraud among UK retail companies

Topic 6: Systematic review on Forensic accounting efficiency in the assessments of Frauds

  • To understand the issues and challenges of Frauds
  • To evaluate the role of Forensic accounting in the contemporary business environment
  • To conduct a systematic review on understanding the forensic accounting efficiency in assessing Frauds

Topic 7: Investigating the association between the Forensic accounting and Taxation system in respect to developing countries

  • To understand the concept of Forensic accounting and Taxation system
  • To review the importance of having effective taxation system in the country
  • To assess the association between Forensic accounting and Taxation system in respect to the developing country

Would the Forensic accounting be able to influence on the sustainable corporate governance among the UK companies


This study aims to analyse the contribution of influencer marketing in increasing the sale of business market of UK. The secondary objectives of this study include;

  • To determine the importance of having effective sustainable corporate governance
  • To understand the importance of the Forensic accounting
  • To determine whether forensic accounting has an influence on developing sustainable corporate governance among UK companies.

Topic 9: To investigate the importance of Forensic accounting at the era of Covid-19

  • To evaluate the challenges and issues on accounting due to Covid-19
  • To assess the importance of forensic accounting in the era of Covid-19

Topic 10: How can Forensic Accounting education among students influence on the Labour Markets; Opportunities and Challenges


This study aims to assess the impact of leadership styles on the overall operations of non-profit organisation. To achieve this aim, following are secondary objectives that will be addressed in this study;

  • To determine the importance of having Forensic accounting education
  • To conduct the systematic literature review on determining the role of forensic accounting education on the labour market in respect to opportunities and challenges

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Frequently Asked Question

In order to write impactful forensic accounting dissertations, you need to give attention-to-detail to even the most minor aspects. Your first step should be to understand the requirements of the topic you have picked and then carry a full-fledged research over the topic. Once that’s done, gathering all the information in a sequenced form and constructing an outline is essential. Doing so will help you enlist all that you’ve explored easily into a form of your forensic accounting dissertation chapters. Make sure to use the type of referencing suggested by your college to avoid further hindrances. Once you complete your dissertation, proofread it entirely and edit where edition is required. Always remember your first draft of dissertation will utterly be different from your final draft, so keep making changes till you turn your forensic accounting dissertation into an impactful one!
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Although a normal dissertation should consist of 18000 words to 20000, including all the five chapters, however, a forensic accounting dissertation lies back a little different. A forensic accounting dissertation is based more jupon digits than alphabets which is why the words of such dissertations are reduced. An ideal forensic accounting dissertation should mainly consist of 12000 words but you can also go beyond that if you want.
To construct an ideal forensic accounting dissertation, there are few things that you’ve to avoid suggested by our lead dissertation writers. Avoid using an informal tone; carry your dissertation in a very formal and monotonous tone. Secondly, a lot of students skip the proofreading and editing part and later regret it, don’t be one of them. Last but not the least, it’s important to take care of the weightage of each chapter which a lot of students tend to miss. Avoid doing it and you’ll draft out a dissertation that you’ve always desired to write.

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