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Congratulate yourself as you have landed on a page that has the potential to cater to all your concerns regarding compare and contrast essays. Our services are known to have a pool of professional writers that knows every bit of the compare and contrast essays. Upon research conducted by our writers, it is concluded that due to challenging style of writing, most of the students search for options like buy compare and contrast essay UK based.

Challenges faced by a student while writing compare and contrast essays

This specific kind of essay requires the writer to compare the two subjects about its element. To write compare and contrast essays there is a skill set required and learning about those skills is exactly where a student comes in a tough position. One is expected to ace in their compare and contrast essay by knowing about the following skills

  • Analyzing skills to compare the two subjects.
  • Reasoning skills to support the comparison.
  • Synthesizing skills to combine the various part of two subjects to shape a new concept for your essay.
  • Comprehending skills to notice the application of your subjects.
  • Evaluating skills to handle the claims that might be welcomed by your essays.

Now, it is rather clear what kind of expertise and skills are required to write a compare and contrast essay. And, most students, especially the ones at their early stage of learning find it difficult to write their essays without requiring such skills BUT WORRY NOT! as the professionals at master essay writers can be your academic superheroes.

The best strategy of our writers to write compare and contrast essays

Probably one of the reasons that you are looking for compare and contrast essay help is to secure the ultimate quality of essay writing which you believe would have lacked if tried to do it on your own. Or the other most common reason is when you DO NOT HAVE TIME TO MEET THE DEADLINES!

Well, whatever the reason may be, we allow you to buy compare and contrast essays from us, and then you can proceed to give time to your other engagements while we go and take care of your essays by following techniques:

the thesis statement of Your Essay

Take it from the experts, identifying the best thesis statement for your essay aids in writing the best and quality essay. Our writers have the best amount of expertise in writing a thesis statement which alone follows a proper chain of research to ensure relevancy and quality to the statement. Our thesis statement has the power to capture all the interests of your reader.


Here begins our writing process; brainstorm sessions are being held among our writers at least twice to share quality ideas to ensure the maximum quality of the essays. Our writers are required to get their outlines approved by our highly qualified editor and QA specialists that have in-depth expertise in writing the compare and contrast essays.

Writing the first draft

After getting the outlines approved, the writers then draw the first draft of their essay. After writing it, the writers themselves critically analyze the work and then write a final draft – only if the first draft requires further changes.

Getting the final draft approved by our editor

This step solely calls for our efforts to ignore any inconveniences caused by our services. The final draft, too, gets proofread by our professional editor to scrutinize the quality of every word.

Time for submission

After critically analyzing the whole essay, it is time for submission. We always try to submit the essay order before the university system deadline so, Students have enough time to read, comment, and avail free revision service of Masteressaywriters.

If you notice then this method of writing follows the footsteps of the quality method of writing. The writers at our prestigious services believe that this specific method of writing helps them in delivering ultimate quality to UK students. Also, this method of writing was appreciated in our 100+ orders.

Reasons to hire our compare and contrast essay writing service

Our compare and contrast essay writing service works under one aim and that is to deliver exactly what our customers hope for! So, in the market, we are considered one of the best for the following main reasons

24/7 customer support by UK native experts

we believe swift and rapid communication is what leads us to a better clientele. Our customers have always been able to interact with us any time of the day. Offering such an incentive ultimately allows us to address our customer’s issues at the earliest hour.

We give free topics

Topics are the essential part of any academic essay. We give free essay topics after conducting thorough research on them.

On-time delivery

you are likely to forget about the deadlines of your essays, probably that is why you are here, but WE won't! We ensure timely delivery and in most cases, we even submit before the deadline.

Plagiarism-free content

plagiarism is quite the oddest crime of the academic world. Our ultimate objective is to write the most authentic essays. We may aim to inspire but we never aim to steal. According to our criteria, our essays can only have a maximum of 5% of plagiarism if necessary.

Grammarly reports

We don’t believe in bragging about the quality of our essays just! We always submit the Grammarly report along with the final submission of our essays. Our criteria are to only consider the Grammarly reports that have at least 85% of the scoring.

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Follow this simple process to order your essays from our site

  • Fill a form telling your specific requirements.
  • Attach a brief requirements given from your educational institution.
  • Send a request to purchase the essay.
  • Give a deadline to our writers for your essay, you may mention the urgency rate as well. Our aim has always been to deliver before the deadlines.
  • Download the paper from our security software on the given due date. After receiving, if you think that your essay requires further adjustments then we also offer reviewing services for free as well.

After knowing such amazing yet simple process, the only thing left for you to wait for is receiving your final essays from UK experts! Now, we are aware that students worry about their identification while ordering to buy compare and contrast essays, so we have made our website SSL certified to ensure the protection of your and your institution's identity.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is it illegal to use an essay writing service?
No, it isn’t illegal. The reason is that students are frequently assigned multiple essays from different courses which they have to submit within short deadlines. Furthermore, they also have other academic tasks to complete like group projects, quizzes, etc. All of this creates stress on their mind which doesn’t let them focus on any of the assigned tasks. That’s why using credible online essay writing services to get rid of this pressure and have a peaceful mind is completely legal. Choosing Masteressaywriters would be a good option for your essay assistance. In the end, through those essays, you can learn a lot about those topics.
What is the best custom essay writing service?
The service that can provide you with well-versed essays according to your teachers’ requirements and your specifications, will be considered the best custom essay writing service. The best custom essay companies have some must-be features that make them credible just as Masteressaywriters. We have years of experience, a qualified team of essay experts, and 24/7 availability to cater to your unique requirements. Also, The best custom essay writing services must assure strict privacy policies for the security of their customer's data, as we do.
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It depends on which essay writing service you choose. You will find both expensive and cheap essay writing services on the internet but you should go for a service that assures you affordability as well as credibility, as we do. We offer well-versed essays at cheap rates. Our prices range starts from ?9.9 per essay. We always have exciting discounts going on to make our services more affordable to you. We value your money and will not let you face any financial hurdles. We provide 24/7 customer support so you can contact us anytime to know the cost details and packages, we will respond in the earliest hours.
How much does a 5000-word essay cost?
Different academic writing companies have different charges for a 5000 words essay. If you take services from the Masteressaywriters so you will have to pay around ?350 for 5000 words. This is the estimated amount that can be changed as per your essay requirements. We also have discount offers which your can avail of by consulting with our customer support team. They will guide you about the cost details and different packages.

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