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15 Argumentative Essay Topics to Help You Kick-Start Your Essay!


You can scream and shout during debates all you may want, but writing an Argumentative Essay to present your arguments may definitely put you down. This is because writing essays is not something that everybody excels at.

The first barrier that most of the students face is ‘selecting the topic’ for their Argumentative essay, if not provided by the teacher.


Many students have trouble passing through the topic selection phase. This blog seeks to help out students by providing them free and valuable topics for writing Argumentative essays.

Want to Trigger Your Argumentative Essay Writing Skills? Try a Hand at These Free Topics!

In order to write an Argumentative essay, you need to choose a topic on which you can present an argument and accordingly prove it by the end of your essay. Many students are not able to decide if they can debate on a topic long enough to stretch it into an essay.

Here I have listed down some topics that you can benefit from, if you need a kick-start for your argumentative essay.

  1. Is Global Climate change real or just another propaganda?

A rather controversial topic often chosen by many Essay writers UK based which discusses if all that we are learning about Climate Change is in fact real, or is being projected by New-Age organizations as a form of propaganda.

  1. Are men entitled to receiving Paternity Leave from work?

A great topic for equality and frowns upon how men should be allowed to take Paternity Leaves from work in order to spend time with their newly born child, and help out their wives as well.

  1. Does easy access to condoms help in battling teen pregnancy?

Often considered as taboo, but a topic which should be addressed and discussed because it lays emphasis on how teens involved in sexual activity can save themselves from the hassles of unwanted teenage pregnancies.

  1. Does putting curfew on teens reap any benefit?

Discusses whether or not restricting teens on going or staying late outside by putting curfews can even prove to be helpful.

  1. Should there be changes to the legal age for drinking alcohol?

Widely lays emphasis on the legal age for drinking which is 21 in most of the countries, and then discusses how this age is not suitable considering that most individuals have not acquired enough maturity by the age of 21.

  1. Is religion acting as a key factor for causing wars?

Controversial but an interesting topic considering the rising divisions based on religion in the present world. Students can cover aspects such as how extremism and radicalism is causing wars.

  1. Should students from different religions be allowed to pray in school?

This topic focuses on how acceptance of different religions can lead to harmony in the society, which also includes allowing students to practice their religion in school through prayers.

  1. Are modern-day institutes charging us too much for education?

Throws light on the modern day institutes and how they are rather charging exorbitant amounts of tuition fees for basic levels of education.

  1. Are teachers responsible for the academic performance of a student?

This topic takes into account the role employed by teachers in the academic performance of a student, and to what extent are they responsible for the bad or good grades of a student.

  1. Should abortion be legalized worldwide?

A controversial topic, but one which is being now widely discussed in the world overall, as many women are now demanding the right to legal abortions to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

  1. Does sex work count as a considerable profession?

This topic discusses how sex work and prostitution should be held as a regular profession or not, and how criminalizing this profession poses dangers and problems for the sex workers.

  1. Are unpaid internships a method of exploiting fresh graduates?

Discusses how fresh graduates are denied their expected pay scales on the account of having no professional experience, and how these graduates are forced to work on internships without any compensation.

  1. Are after-office emails causing increased levels of stress?

A topic pertaining to corporate culture, and discusses how employees are reporting increasing levels of stress owing to receiving emails after office hours.

  1. Should everyone receive the right to free education?

An interesting topic which takes into account how having the right to free education should be held as a basic necessity, instead of a luxury which can only be availed by the privileged.

  1. Is it inhuman to test products on animals?

A topic concerning animal cruelty, because it discusses into detail how inhuman it is to test any kinds of products on animals. It emphasizes that the lives of the animals are just as important as those of humans.

  1. Got a Kick-Start? Or Still Need Help?

Did you find these topics helpful? Well, even if you have selected the topic for yourself, you might probably hit a barrier when it comes to the writing process. No worries, you can choose to buy essay online by placing an order for a custom argumentative essay.

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