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Crafting an Unforgettable College Application Essay


For most people, essay writing is very stressful. But it becomes worst when it comes to the future of where you will spend your four years in the college of your interest. Being a high-school junior or senior, it’s time for you to start writing college application essays to get admission to a reputable university.

A good essay represents a student how he/she has succeeded or achieved good grades. Your voice and experience are the ways to craft a persuasive college application essay to convince the university admission officer. A reader sees how you have struggled through a good college essay that also describes what mistakes you have made. An excellent essay shows what you are good at, how you think, and defines the way how you have grown. It will be informal and rich in intense details and will only be written by only you.

Research says that more than twenty million students apply for undergraduate admission to college each year. Most of the applications look similar in terms of grades, courses taken, and extracurricular activities. Admission officers have to choose one application from many. You have to think about the reader and what will create an interest in them. You need to differentiate yourself from others so that they consider you instead of others.

What is a college admission essay?

It is often found in the form of a personal statement with a brief document of your strengths. Which describes why you are perfectly fit for admission to a specific college or university. You can consider it as a cover letter for your college application. As your transcript shows which course you have cleared with particular grades. Just like your resume shows your work history.

Mostly, between 400 to 600 words college admission essay consists of and these words decide the acceptance and rejection in your preferred college. You will spend many hours writing an essay but admission will have a few minutes to read it. Therefore you have to create the attention of the readers by researching and crafting it uniquely.

College admissions essay doesn’t necessarily follow the same essay format as you use while writing an essay in class. A college essay represents a story of who you are rather than presenting and supporting your argument.

Writing about yourself can be challenging but keep one thing in mind you don’t have to write about yourself. Rather, write about your experiences and personality that make you fit to succeed in the college you are applying to.

How to write a college application essay?

It is understandable why many seniors in high school keep working on their college application essay until the last minute and end up with a common college essay. Hence, it is important to work on essay format to get admission to your preferred college. Some guidelines have been discussed below to enhance your skills for it.

Read the instructions carefully

Some people think that it is a useless step to follow. However, it is the most important step you need to follow. Because if you won’t read the instructions carefully and follow them accordingly will affect your admission. The admission officer will think that you won’t follow the guidelines provided by the university program as well. Page and word limits are given for this reason and you need to follow these guidelines.

After reading the instructions you have to gather your notes and then you can start creating an outline to form your essay and decide what message you want to provide. It will make you ready for the first draft.

Start with a compelling introduction

Good writing is easy if you are clever about it. Anyone working as a journalist may tell you that a great introduction can get the reader’s attention. An admission officer will keep reading when an interesting introduction is written. Because an introduction reveals to the reader what the whole essay is about and develops the interest. You can start with an interesting story that will represent the best part of your personality and character. Provide an understanding to the admission officer about who you are.

Use your inner voice

Universities are looking for reality and the quality of thinking. Therefore, you do not have to write your essay using phrases and idioms that are already been used by others. You need to base it on your honest beliefs.

A college application essay is a representation of you to the admission officers to impress them with your willpower and existing knowledge of your subject. You need to make sure that it reflects all your ambitions and skills and expresses how the chosen program will help you to achieve your future goals.

Avoid clichés

While researching your college application essay, you will be motivated to get some ideas for good research and you may get inspired by some of them. however, many students get too influenced by these ideas and use a lot of clichés in their writing to impress the admission officers.

Keep in mind that you have to differentiate yourself from the many other students applying for the same university. You need to re-read your essay and delete all the sentences that show the clichés and write them uniquely. For example, when you have to write on a particular topic such as politics, economics, or finance, you can take a political essay help to avoid clichés in your essay.

As the admission offers have to read hundreds of applications a month, hence they must surely notice those that bring the unique personality to the life and you need to let them discover that.

Give good examples to support your ideas

A college application is a sort of hint to the admission officer that how your mind works and how you view the world. you need to support your viewpoint to be credible while writing an essay. Give some time to find out how the essay question relates to your personal qualities and write them from that particular point of view.

It means that to express your idea, you don’t just need to state a fact. Rather, you have to add some details and examples to justify your ideas. You can give some examples from your personal experiences and write about what encourages you and built a particular belief.

Stick to a clear essay plan

Creativity is an important aspect of writing an essay but do not think that a creative essay is always an organized one. However, you don’t want to write an essay without any meaning. Therefore, you need to ensure that you write about one thing at a time.

You will have a lot of words. Therefore, you should not try to cover everything in a single paragraph in your essay. Make a plan before you start writing and organize your essay in three paragraphs. Parts consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. And in the last, decide on the main ideas you want to express.

Ask someone to proofread your work

To write a good college application essay you will read it, again and again, to make sure that there may have some grammatical and spelling errors or there are no typos. But it would be great to find a fresh perspective. If you ask someone to proofread your work. It will allow them to catch the mistakes you didn’t even notice.

If you ask your friend or your teacher to proofread your essay, they will not only find the mistakes. Rather, they will also check whether the writing sounds like you. Reading a lot of examples and following all the instructions makes it hard to tell you who you are. Proofread your essay to ensure that your essay is perfect.

How to get help with college application essays?

Most students do not have essay-writing skills but they are willing to get admission to a reputable college. Therefore they choose to get college essay writing service from experts to make their dream come true.

Many UK essay writers are ready to write a college application essay for the students when they get stuck in their essay writing.

Various online platforms also provide essay editing services UK to help students demonstrate their admission essay application without grammatical and punctuational errors. They help them to figure out how to find and present the best in themselves. And assist them in acquiring some useful tools for good writing and they may even have fun in the process.

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