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Here’s How You Can Easily Plan Your Essays


You get the same questions in your head before starting an essay, don’t you?

Thinking about WHAT to write in the essay is easier when you know HOW to write an essay.

But how do I figure out the “HOW”? Isn’t it the hardest thing?

Don’t worry amigo, I got you. If you struggle with writing essays often, you have come to the right place!

From making your intro interesting to smoothly concluding your essays, these are the tips you need to know:

Know What You’re Going to Write About!

Starting anything without proper knowledge is a big bold NO and you should avoid doing it all cost.

Understand the nature of your essay and what tone you want to write it in. Your Essay could be informative or narrative or descriptive. You have to know that before starting it.

Brainstorming is Healthy!

Brainstorming is a key to success in everything.

Always be open to new ideas and learning new things. You can brainstorm just by sitting in silence and thinking or share your ideas with anyone around you and get their ideas and opinions. Brainstorming before writing essays helps you sort out the necessary and unnecessary information easily.

When brainstorming done right, you can have a whole essay completed half the time it required or you can find the best essay writing service UK or Brazil, anywhere in the world online.

Pen-down Your Thoughts!

Whatever you’re thinking, note it down by hand.

Doesn’t matter if that thought is important or totally random, as long as it’s about the essay you’re planning.


Writing down your thoughts helps you remember them and even the most random thoughts can be useful while writing an essay depending on how you implement them.

Purge The Thoughts You Wrote!

It’s the time that you let go of all the thoughts that are irrelevant or too vague to be used in your essay.

Drop the thoughts that you think are not needed in your essay and try to improvise the thoughts that are left after dropping the unneeded thoughts from your head (and your pad if you wrote them down)

It will help you stay concise while writing the essay and stop you from getting distracted by other irrelevant thoughts.

Study Your Notes!


If you pay enough attention in class, you might not be having many problems writing an essay. Go through your study material, your course books and relevant notes you’ve taken.

It will not only make it easier for you to write the essay but also help you get better marks on the essay since it will be relevant to your course.

Play smart, not hard!

Create an Outline!

But what is an outline in an essay?

Essay outlines can include (but are not limited to) a list of topic(s) you want to cover, all the headings and sub-headings, and the important words or phrases you want to include in your essays.

After creating an outline, you simply get done with most of the essay. Just add an intro, summarize the headings and subheadings, and add the conclusion(s) and your essay is done!

To be honest…

It sounds easier than doing it.

The Plan after the Essay-Plan!

You have followed all the steps above and already came up with an essay plan?

Amazing, now cram up everything in your essay!

Does your essay look and sound interesting?


Why? You wrote down everything relevant that came up in your mind. It should look perfect, shouldn’t it?

You have to write your essay according to the requirements and follow the word count limit. Exceeding the word count limit or falling short on the word count can get your essay rejected and you should always keep that in your mind.

Stuffing your essay with irrelevant information won’t do any good for your grades neither adding relevant information without proper evidence and research would.

After you’re done with creating an outline and jotting it down.  Go through your essay outline once again, remove all the unnecessary and irrelevant info. Double-check the word count limit and adjust the context of your essay according to the assigned word count.

Start Writing!

Now after you have done proper research on your essay. You are completely clear about what to include and exclude in your essay!

What is left to do now? The most important part of an essay: writing it!

Writing your essay would be easy as riding a sleigh without horses’ uphill without if you don’t follow all the steps above!  (Spoiler alert: It won’t be easy, so make sure to follow up every single thing!)

Making your intro interesting is a key to make your essay interesting, if the intro is interesting, the reading will automatically be interested in reading your essay till the end.

Keep your paragraphs’ the right size, not too long and not too short, the ideal sizing of a paragraph could be from 5 to 6 lines but it can vary on the type of essay you’re writing. 

Conclusions are equally important as intros. Having a strong conclusion supports your essay and has a great impact overall.

And here our tips conclude, with these tips you can easily make your essay interesting and easier to plan. Share this with your friends who struggle writing essays to help them out of their dread!

Who’s The Author?

With her great interest in marketing and consumerism, Naomi Tennant is an MSc in Marketing and Business from the University of Edinburgh. She has been working as a digital marketer since 2008 and loves reading. Naomi uses her expertise in research and finding the latest trends to write for MasterEssayWriters whenever she can.

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