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How to do a pestle analysis - A British essay writers Complete Guide


What is PESTLE analysis

The PESTLE is not a statistical tool or software which identify calculated data and analysis what business need to do for external factors affecting the company. However, this a theoretical tool or framework that basically help marketers to identify and examine macro-factors to get results on how the company should coop up with such measures for sustainability.   

Challenges faced by marketers when creating strategies for business expansion 

According to marketers, one needs to have keen eyes on small details and what is affecting their market to evaporate. Business now a days are particular in every measures they go for. As the intensive competition has led to the process of observing, calculating and acting accordingly with what customers demand is and how market is saturating.

For instance, companies want to spread their horizon in other market options. However, this is possible through R&D and tools that analyse environmental changes when entering the untapped market and what is stopping them to form a presence.

For your understanding we will discuss on how to do a pestle analysis so that marketers can grow forward with competition. As we hear about external and internal factors effecting company as a whole. There are many aspects to keep in mind while doing Pestle.

What is the need of conducting PESTLE Analysis  

Small to big businesses need to observe activities such as macro-environmental factors to distinguish loops wholes and making them work for the future years.

With that been said, pestle analyses is comprise of those elements which are indirectly moulding the decision makers choices. And if not been clear or active about such elements it might negatively affect businesses in the long run.     

According to Kotter and Schlesinger,

“In analysing the macro-environment, it is important to identify the factor that might in turn affect a number of vital variables that are likely to influence the organisation’s supply and demand level and its cost”.

Now you must have a clear vision on what exactly pestle analysis stand for. The next step is to conduct pestle analyses model for better understanding. To understand each acronym in a detailed form British Essay writers has explained each of them through examples. Let’s find out

 The following key elements that will give better view about expanding their market in broader market space or limit their expansion capabilities. Moreover, reach out customers with calculated plans and strategies that are suitable for them.

Concepts Explaining PESTLE Analysis Examples  

Let’s go a little further into details on what these key points share to new marketers and small businesses.

Huawei CFO’s Arrest led to Eruption of Trade War

 The P for Political helps companies identify what matters and possible element drive government intervention impact the business policies and decisions to proceed negatively.

Example of this can be the issue related to China and US where Huawei CEO’s daughter was arrested in Canada by the request of United States. This had created tensions between the two countries. Due to many other reasons the trade war is going on among them. This shows the relationship between two parties as indirectly affected the import and exports and band most of the product from United States.

This major shift of suppliers and exports and import possibilities makes Walmart and Best Buy retailers has contact their suppliers to corporate with the supply risk and are even recommend to pay more to implement it.

Brexit-uncertainity suitation for UK bsuinesses   

The E for Economical helps companies identifies factors directly affecting your policies and business plan. As this makes you understand the idea gained of economic environment form where your business is working in. Many companies keep in mind the economic situations that occurs mainly due to wide spread Globalisation, inflation rate, taxations and tariffs. The results are contradicting as economy is bringing inflation at its peak this makes the shift in demand and purchasing power unstable.   

Example if we talk about UK economic scale has shown certain changes from the pass 2016 when UK plan to separate its road with EU this made the trade and sales market affected drastically. The situation of Brexit has made UK businesses in an uncertainty mode. The research analyse that after the referendum from EU the UK investment rate decreases with about 6% low investments.

This basically shows the economic issue plays a significant role in making decisions for their businesses. According to an insider, car industry in UK is facing massive disruption. This has warned the industry to a hard exist with EU will have a ‘knockout blow’ for a sector to complete its capabilities properly. If you have ever tried browsing for PESTLE analysis UK, you must have definitely come across this example of the situation of Jaguar.    

The biggest car automation industry is inspecting serious concerns on no-deal Brexit. The chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover said “But a hard Bretix will cost Jaguar Land    Rover more than £1.2 billion a year." As most of the parts has been outsourced from EU, and if this exit got real they will face slow production deal. Moreover, this uncertainty not only drastically effect businesses since 2017 the declination of pound has raised many challenges for the UK currency.       

McDonald-Cultural and Religious Conflict

The S-Social helps businesses identify the factors that affecting your market. Means there are reason for people changing perception with one brand or product. What are those changes that determine the shift of thinking, health, career and environmental issues?

For example, many of the business are improvising their marketing techniques and tactics for being up to data with clients or customers. Many religious, cultural, employment pattern and behavioural aspects sum up to be affecting those social contexts of businesses.  

When McDonalds entered the Indian market the main reason of their business to get flop was social-cultural context that did not get considered. They entered the market to just like any other international firm would. However, the culture of India opposes them to eat meat and it believes to be sacred in Hinduism. So, much chaos upsurges during the lunch of meat patty burger. With so much efforts, qualitative analysis through Pestle it observe the lifestyle of Indians and identify key cultural taste that is preferable. They made a product that serves all the traditional taste of India that is Maharajah Vegie burger.           

Starbucks-changing the way people drink coffee 


The T-technology helps in determine businesses to keep up with tech trends and be innovative in whatever the market is looking up too. Are there any new technology trends that are able to improve your overall operations and help you with redefine your product closely?

For example, if we talk about Tesco the biggest retail market of UK has also seen the changes in tech that led to more opportunities gain. The service of online shopping has made grocery shopping more personalised. Moreover, it has lowered the cost of its operations through self-service check points that are easier for customer too for picking up their favourite product accordingly.

The technology innovation has made many possible changes in the business world. Where personalisation and customer experience is what made new innovation a reality.

Starbucks when entered the Korean market has made strategic changes. To feel the connections with customers and maintain the experience more presentable they debut with Starbucks card in 2009. Then, the innovation growth did not stop it continued to strike its way to newer solutions and tech agreements. In 2011, Starbucks launched another massive innovation ‘My Starbucks reward’ make customers drink coffee in a worth buying way.     

Tesco Raising Awareness Sustainability Measures in Malaysia and Thailand  

The E-environmental helps to identify businesses to work to accomplish eco-friendly environment possible. The goal in 2019 is to achieve the environmental strategies and visions for maintaining sustainability and eliminating factors that harmful for the society.

 The issues related to environmental protection has grown rapidly as the globalisation take place. Where countries such as UK, USA and other such as China are the influencers of applying sustainability measures and emphasise of making new policies related to societal benefits.

For example, it has been predicted UK climatic changes made customers not buy product according to weather conditions. And in the year 2012-2015 UK faced massive climatic changes this made small enterprise sales to drop and affect them in the long run.

Tesco said,

“To achieve these tougher targets, we aim to source 100 per cent of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030,”

 According to Tesco it has emphasise on environmental measure and changes the strategic approach to societal benefit. The main agenda they are focusing on is energy saving elements and greenhouse gases.

Tesco has made this implementation possible through investing £3.1 million on almost 49 stores in Thailand which led to the energy saving solutions to be £2 million with environmental factor in mind. This efforts led down to awards and recognition given to Tesco that prove to be UK sustainable business run under safety measures and work hard to overcome environmental impact. 

Local IPhone 4S Owner Takes Action against Apple  

Lastly, L-legal helps identify companies legislature policies should be checked whether impended legislature or current one so that they get to know employees benefits, health, safety and completion plan. It has been observed that many regulatory firms are making efforts in try to monitor company’s legislature policies with areas they are operating.

Means the companies are strictly checked on areas consumer’s protection, employee’s welfare, waste disposal and how their earnings and investment are audited for taxed purpose.

Sources: click here

For example, the legal issues can occur any time soon. The companies need to be cautious on legal acts as it could ruin the image of an enterprise and lost thousands of market shares. Just like that Apple faced the lawsuit against IPhone 4S owner where she claimed smartphone had damaged her morally with IPhone 4S caused fire at her house.  And the lost barrier by her was $75000 which she wanted it back from Apple Company. Not just that, this make up Apple to deliver almost $506M damage penalty. Through PESTLE example of Apple we have identified legal issues faced by the big producer of smartphones.

Why Business use PESTLE Analysis and When?

There is no such thing as equally analysing each factor carefully. Why? That is because not every factor may impact the company. There are many companies for instance FMCG products are basically common commodities so we will more importantly tilt our focus on social-culture prospective.

As these products comprise of business to consumer orientation, and attracting consumers with strategies adopted through social analysis give results basis on current and past data. Exactly like that, organisation for example shipment business will definitely relay on political factors that determine how the imported or exported countries are not adding any tariff or banding trading with others etc.

How will British essay writers help students with Pestle Analysis

Well, the assignments or essays given to marketing students seems to have quite difficulties in making notes out of those tough topics. We British essay writers are here for help for students that need to do intensive research, most importantly they had to understand concepts related to terminologies or jargons use in marketing. Let’s make your essay writing easier through some useful tips.

  • First understand the concept clearly

You as a student need to be clear and attentive when writing related to marketing topics. Especially Pestle analysis has to be understood very carefully to write exactly what you have researched. Now, with that in mind, do your research extensively. Fill up your brain with the entire concept you have understand within your lecture with your teacher or though internet surfing.

  • Read categories thoroughly   

While doing your research you will came across to Pestle acronym. Do read the category so that you won’t have to read again and again each factors. That will be time wasting. Remember go through the model will help in further writing report or essays along with giving examples.

  • Research will make you perfect   

See you must take help from relevant sources that are accountable of addressing points for present researches. Even as a marketer R&D has always helped businesses to analyse tools that is affecting them externally or internally. For finding data on your specific niche you need to go through news feeds and reports done by businessman. This will help you with content that is powerful and authentic for your essay.

  • Identify plans and opportunities for your niche 

When done with your researches, concept understanding and categories identified the next plan is these all should be defined for your chosen company. Then, find out plans or strategies that will give rise to newer possible opportunities. When identifying specific category that need to be improved and what flaw it gather. There will be point where removing those loop whole will have small pieces of opportunities or idea for expansion.

  • Examples that keeps readers going

Yes, it is well said examples safe time and fully makes readers understand each of the concept practically. Your target audience is your teacher so try to impress them with content that is powerful and original. Examples, of exiting companies and finding relevant domain for your company is essential. Examples of companies such as Nike identifying Pestle analysis model for growth rate in china etc. and explaining your entire concept according to what Nike has implemented should have better understanding to readers.

  • Don’t make it too complex

Many students just to attract their readers make the essays to complicate that even they cannot understand what they actually meant.  This also shows how illogical your content looks. Use only relevant and related information that basically involve reader’s attention.

Essay structured followed by British Writers    

Essay writing has basic tips in mind that is structure of writing, which comprise of three main points.

  • Introduction

In the first paragraph you need to first explain the concept of Pestle analysis. Write a thesis statement that will engage readers throughout the session.

  • Body paragraph   

When done with your introduction explaining all your points related to topic chosen. The next step is body paragraph where one idea has to be published. Remember one idea for one body paragraph.

  • Conclusion

In the conclusion section one meaningful conclusion is set for explaining the key points and final result of testing Pestle for the specific company was useful. What opportunity and plans were created for growth expansion or product to market?

Ikea PESTLE Analysis: The Wonderful Day’-For Strong and Affordable Home Furniture

 This one stops shop for all your furniture and house hold goods is the big market place in UK. Where it offers exceptional experiences for customers to decorate your own home according to what you want to be. Ikea has faced lot of controversies related culture prospective or sometime break through the headline where its furniture damages the health of customers through injuries or death. What is Ikea doing to overcome such factors that are affecting them directly or indirectly? Let’s find out.

  • Observing Political environment for tapping Asian market

Ikea is not just locally spreading its product to consumers however; it has its operation in more than 41countries in total. With that been said, it need to be careful of all the related political stability and implementations that may affect them in the future. Ikea believes in bilateral relationships just as India and China where the future trade from these countries will be easier. The tapping those market places is possible and realistic approach to consider. Ikea consider plans and decisions according to Government intervention that create hassle for trade to continue.

  • Economic factor-Ikea trade off with response to recession   

Many companies could not overcome the massive recession that hit all the big to small enterprise. With that in mind, Ikea has strongly measures buying behaviour patterns that will not affect pricing decisions. They did a competitive edge for their cost to be controlled and the image of Ikea would be set luxury plus inexpensive mode of furniture.

So, whatever market Ikea move to the pricing strategy is fixed that will not vary according to the economic influences occurs in different countries.

  • Social factor-unrevealed controversy and cultural issues       

When companies experiencing untapped market to tapped and spread their roots without any specific research or strategic approach loss their presence intently.

Exactly like that, Ikea gone through same circumstance where for advertising or promotion Ikea choose homosexual people for catalogue visuals. This increases the fire among Russians, as they were disappointed by big brand like Ikea to do such childish acts.

However, Ikea should now be extra careful on how it portrays their brand among people with their culture heritage and values in mind.

  • Technology that drive customers with personalised experience

Ikea has already begun with driving tech trends to accompany their products and services. Now a days everything is online, so is Ikea you can now place orders through websites. If you cannot make it through shop then why not enjoy your experience with Ikea at home. Ikea is aiming to make thing personalised and satisfactory for customer to never forget the experience again.

  • Legal factor affecting health and injuries

Every product need to be careful in making life better for customers not making it worst. So, Ikea poor quality material led to the injuries possible and some let serious health issues. Ikea need to be up to date with its labour laws and customers safety measures. It needs to ensure such acts and mishaps won’t happen again.

  • Environmental factor making sustainability measures possible   

Ikea is investing heavily in environmental related programs such as $1B pays to reassure the energy saving elements to be included in their platforms. There furniture constructed is made according to the material used through sustainable resources.

Wrapping up

Students who have problems related to PESTLE analysis can now easily gain knowledge and understand by reading the Blog. For more information you can follow our intermediate and advance level guide correspondence with Master essay writers. 

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