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How to do SWOT Analysis- A beginner guide


There are many big giants working head to head to come against each other in the same page. However, to satisfy your customers with what they initially demand for is essential. For which, each company need to analysis methods to expand their market saturation and grow their business for long term process.

This can be done through SWOT Analysis for better gaining understand of where your business is standing. The SWOT Analysis is like a balance sheet of your strategic position where you need to calculate what are your,

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

These four steps analysis are what makes the external and internal environmental factors positively or negatively affect the company as a whole. Let’s see how this method can be helpful not just for businesses but also for students to guide them in their assignments and essays.

SWOT Analysis of a Person-More about Yourself and External Environment

This exercise is not just for businesses it can be helpful for students too. Do you actually believe it? How? 

Well, students encounter trail and test in their academic career. To achieve something big and challenging they need a compatible tools or result to identify how much capable they are.

And what factor or elements in external environment can hinder their achievement. This is where SWOT Analysis takes its place?



Best essay writing service UK will help students to examine how these factors help in their understanding and knowledge for projects and assignment help. Moreover, to understand what exactly SWOT Analysis is you need to assume yourself as an enterprise and the goals as competitive product.


To identify your strength you need to picture yourself as a competitive product that has the potential and capabilities to differentiate themselves with others. Mostly Marketers showcase their product through unique features or specifications that makes competition more intense.

 Exactly like that, student strength is their asset that will make them reach their possible goals easily. However, the strength of a student can be anything in particular. It may be your professionalism to work, or knowledge in the field or position you choose. Etc.


Not every weakness has to be negatively considered there can be some positive aspect that can help with identifying how these weaknesses can turn into opportunities. For which, you need to know what is hindering your career opportunities. Basically, it can be your low confidence or poor speaking skills if may be improve can act as a strength in your career path.


    When you convert those threats into an answerable element it turns out to be an opportunity for the future. Well, students need to grab those chances immediately and if they do not make a quick decision they might lose the opportunity for real.

For example,

  • Be dedicated to your work
  • Indulge in other task to show potential and multitasking skills
  • Do not say no to different task

To identify what you are capable in and what are your flaws in whatever you do whether it is preparing for an exam or rehearsing for a dream job. Though healthy activity you might get your answer and get to know where you are actually standing.


While walking in a career path students should be extra careful in what major threats or factor can affect them in the long run. As a student you must list down the elements that can indirectly stab you and destroy your career road in an instant.

For example,

Threats: Students from other Universities have more knowledge than you.

Threats: Others candidate is an experience person

Threats: The other colleagues have good presentation skills than you

These all threats can be stopped and overcome through possible changes in your qualification or try adopting what your competitors are currently doing.

Wrapping up

To make yourself aware of the situations you are facing or about to face the basic step is to analysis the dynamics or complexity of the environment. Just like that, companies need to construct strategies, define new tactics or techniques; this tool will never drop your hopes. 

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