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How to Perfect Your Essay Writing Style?


I have been infected by the viral influenza virus that is causing me to cough and sneeze and making my nose run all the time and I probably got it from my brother who has been sneezing from last few days. I should consult a general physician to get my medications.

I have flu and I might have gotten it from my brother. I should visit the doctor.


All I see is BLAH BLAH BLAH in the first sentence….don’t you?

Let’s take a look at the second sentence, much easier to comprehend, right?

But, what’s the difference?

You can see yourself how over-detailed the first sentence is and how concise the second sentence is.

So what would you prefer, huh? A lot of words explaining less or fewer words explaining more?

Except for the people who have a lot of time, nobody wants to spend their time reading unnecessary boring details.

Essays could be looooooong and boring with a lot of fancy alien words that would make anyone turn the page in just a glance OR they can be easy to comprehend with human language!

For someone like me, the use of big fancy words and unnecessary details is nothing but a burden to read. Every time I do my essay, I keep this in mind that it has to be read by someone who doesn’t have a millennia to read and understand my essays.

I try to keep it clear and straight forward so so whoever is reading my essay doesn’t have to google every third word on the essay.

How do I do it?

It’s no rocket science! With these very useful tips, you can improve your essay writing skills and style or maybe perfect it!

Writing essays may seem easy and it actually is if you know the way!

So without further ado, here we gooooo….

Steal from The Best!

I ALWAYS do this. 

No way hozayy!

I am NOT asking you to copy someone else’s work.

What I mean is that you should read other essays to understand how to write a good essay. You have to carefully analyze whatever it’s written and imply on your own work.

Write in Active Voice!

“Oh! I loved that cake eaten by me! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious it was!”

That’s how active voice DON’T look like. Writing in a passive tone can make your sentences prolonged and boring!

What would be the correct sentence then?

“I loved eating that Cake! It was delicious!!”

(Now I really want some cake… )

More Words = More Boring

Always try to cut short your words, unnecessary details can mislead/confuse the readers. For instance, Instead of writing “I like the red apples that grow on the tall green tree in my neighbor’s lawn” write “I like the apples from my neighbor’s tree” can be a better sentence, it means the same thing but in fewer words. 

I am really hungry I swear )

State Facts!

Nobody likes incomplete information.

Do your research, stating anything without any proof or evidence is never a good idea. Without proper facts and references, your essay will scream that it’s missing something.

Are You Using Prepositions correctly?

Correct usage of prepositions has a great impact on your essay.

Using too many prepositions can make the readers distracted or uninterested and using too little can confuse the readers.

You have to learn the perfect balance.

Jargon? Jar-Be-Gone!

Not everyone knows all the fancy terms. Use simpler words and try to explain the terms as easily as you can.

By using simpler words, anyone can understand what you have written easily without any problem.

Seamless Phrases for the Win

 To make the reader follow up to what you want to portray. The use of perfect transitional phrases can enhance your essay writing style.

For instance:

  • For giving examples, you can use:
    • i.e.
    • For instance
    • To illustrate


  • While adding an idea you can use:
    • Furthermore
    • Lastly
    • Secondly
    • Moreover

The list could go on forever but these were some really useful examples!

Control your Paragraphs

The length of your paragraphs matters a lot.

Not many people like overcrowded places and overcrowded pages. Make sure to keep your paragraphs short so it’s easy to read. Make each of your sentences in a paragraph relevant. Paragraphs longer than 5 or 6 lines can be long and Paragraphs shorter than 3 or 4 lines can be too short.

Too short paragraphs sometimes get annoying as well. Keep your paragraphs the perfect length and your success won’t be far.

Abbreviations n’ Acronyms

You have to know the difference between writing an Essay and a Tweet.

You can tweet:

OMW 2 the NASA headquarters, to the moon! so xcit8

But you can’t write like that in an essay.

Although using well known and commonly used abbreviations is better than spelling them fully. Using non-common abbreviations can make your essay look like a joke. (And that too from r/comedycemetry) 

Vague Nouns? What Are Those?

On what degree the factors affect the aspects of your essay?

I bet you didn’t like to read that sentence. Why? It had all those vague nouns that were really unnecessary. They just add up in the word count and don’t help much in the communication.

Although, a very limited usage can be good but their overuse will just confuse the readers.   

Do You Know What You’re Writing?

Oh, I know what a nuclear reactor is, it’s that giant weird factory where they flip buttons and make unicorns.

Writing about something that you have no idea can be hard. You have to either study hard or just amplify your research skills. Until you know what you’re writing about, your essay would be totally based on If, probably, and maybe.

Chain-Nouns are a No-No.

Why would everyone know all the words that you know?

Unless your reader is acquainted with all the terms you are using, avoid using them.

Instead of writing “I have to the employee development enhancement program” write “I have to go to the program by my company for employee development”

Have You Made an Outline?

Before starting whatever you’re writing about, do research and make an outline.

The outline can include headings, subheadings, the amount of words you have to write, and the topic(s) you have to cover in the essay.

Why do I Need to Add References?

References are like salt in food.

You can complete your essay without them but it will always feel incomplete.

References give life to the essay and make them complete in every way.

Master the Grammar

Grammar? Really?

You have to be a pro at grammar.

What form of the verb to use where? Where to use a comma and where to use an apostrophe?

Grammar is a crucial thing every language, without proper grammar usage, the reader won’t go past the first paragraph.

Conclusions Keep Confusions Away.

You love the dessert after the main course. Don’t you?

Concluding your paragraphs with closing is the best way to keep the reader interested. Imagine reading a book with no end…(*sigh* nightmare)

Would you like it? No! Surely a no! (It was just for once that Hazel and August’s stars didn’t have an actual fault.)

Conclusions can give a little summary to each paragraph and to the whole essay or be like an ending of the essay to conclude it.

These were the tips you can use to make your essays better and more engaging. Nobody likes over-lengthy essays with no end. Keep your essays just the right length and it will be a success. Before starting an essay always put yourself in reader’s shoes to understand what they would like to read.

Who’s the Author?

Naomi Tennant is an MSc Marketing and Business from the University of Edinburgh. Naomi loves reading and writing and has been working as a digital marketer since 2008. Naomi is an expert in research and finding the latest trends and loves to write for MasterEssayWriters.

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