How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay in 7 easy steps


Among all types of essays, the one with the critical analysis is the most difficult. Why? Because the facts and figures are required in it, which is turns off many people. Students need to find the right valid source for numbers and charts which makes the essay writing process a bit hard, uninteresting, and confusing to some.


A critical analysis essay is penned down for the reader as well as the writer. In the academic world, professors are teaching a particular subject to the students and to confirm they have gained a solid understanding of their study, the professors assign them essays that are argumentative and have critical analyzing. They are a crucial part of the coursework and involve high-level research. Students in Great Britain often find it quite a challenge when assigned such a type of essay as they desperately google it just like they search for the best assistance for their dissertation help uk has to offer.

What Differs an Essay with Analysis from a descriptive one? 

The answer is quite simple.

  • The descriptive essays are majorly opinions while the critical analysis essays are the type of a written debate.
  • A descriptive essay can be one-sided while an essay that is critical analyzing is focused on both sides of the page.
  • They (critical analysis ones) are more logical and have solid facts and figures supporting their statement or rejecting it.
  • A descriptive essay is pretty much a free hand and there are no restrictions while that is not the case of the latter category essay.
  •  Descriptive or narrative essays are to measure the creative writing ability of the students while critical argumentative essays measure the understanding capacity of the individual to understand a particular subject in academics.

 The Easy 7 steps to Pen Down a Critical Analysis Essay

The following are the 7 steps in which any type o essay which has critical analysis can be done properly with quite an ease.


  1. Selecting A Topic

Before selecting a subject for the arguments, make sure it's trendy and something you can write comfortably on. Analytics essays are a form of argument with the pros and cons mentioned side by side.  A topic with ample research material on the internet would be ideal. So be careful while choosing a topic as it should be something suitable and valid for your course of study. It is highly advisable to outline right after finalizing the topic for your essay.

  1. Write Down an Introductory Paragraph

Whether a descriptive essay or the one with the critics, an introduction must and always be catchy. It should have the power to garner the reader’s mind and make him or her continue reading. Try preparing an introduction that gives interest and put your statement or the theory in it. Now with the perfect start, you can aim at the supporting and contradictory points.

  1. Prepare the Body Paragraphs of Your Essay

Once the student is done with the introduction writing process, it is vital to start focusing on the rest of the body paragraphs which will be structured. Each body of the paragraph would be on the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction earlier. The paraphrase would contain the background, the previous sayings regarding it, the supporting points, and the criticism. Opinions could also be written if present. Statistical numbers and charts could be inserted to support the thesis statement which will make the essay more interesting and resolute.

NOTE: Each paragraph must and always point towards your mentioned thesis statement. Try stating irrelevant points and the ones which expand the debate. It will make your essay more ambiguous and perplexing otherwise.

  1. Start Gathering Evidence

The core step is researching all the internet and the library for supporting evidence for your topic. The more evidence you have, the of its chances of becoming a bolstered piece of support. Students usually don’t bother visiting the library and prefer exploring for their assignment help online on Google. One thing to know that Google, despite having myriads of information sources, is sometimes not valid and many authentic journals are paid. The library has 100% valid resources of supportive evidence which can be noted and populated in your essay.

  1. Write Criticism and Opposing Opinions

In each paragraph where a point will be highlighted regarding the support of the thesis statement, it is necessary to add negative comments too. It can be a fact or an opinion but should be highlighted along with the supporting points. Essays with critical analysis are a type of written argument or a debate where the good and the bad both have their fair share of lines.  This will make your essay sound not one-sided.

  1. Prepare the Last Paragraph for Summarizing

Once your essay is completed and has reached its climax, it is time to prepare a concluding paragraph that will remind the readers of all the above facts they have gone through. Try putting the crux of every paragraph in one sentence in the last paragraph body. Make a concise paragraph without adding too much detail but only the main point of each of the above paragraphs. This will give a lasting idea in the minds of the readers and they can easily conclude the purpose and the findings of the argumentative essay.

  1. Proofread Your Essay

Proofreading the most important part of your essay not only because of the grammatical errors but also for the facts and the numbers which have been highlighted in your critical analysis essay.  Any of the aforementioned errors may display a lack of professionalism and may disinterest the reader or in the case of academics, can be rejected and you will have to start from scratch.

Why Do students Mostly Struggle in Their Critical Analysis Essay?

The following are the reasons which make essays containing critical analysis hard to do for many students.

  • They involve numbers in which many students are not good at.
  • They become lengthy
  • Critical analysis essays have a bit more research work which makes them more time-consuming to write down.
  • These types of essays are very verbose along with numbers and statistics. It is like doing a thesis or a dissertation.
  • They often require formal language which a majority of students lack or are unwilling as it requires critical thinking too along with critical analysis.

In a Nutshell

British students often struggle whenever they are given an essay of critical essay with deep analysis is given. Critical analysis essays are not that hard if one does it wisely with the given tips and tricks.

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