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How to write an Essay for Scholarship?


I can distinctly recall my college application process - and mind you, it wasn't a gratifying experience until after I got my results. Although the whole process of applying to different colleges can be daunting, the scholarship essay is what haunted me the most. I had this idea that I had to impress the readers - I know, stand out from the crowd. But I believe it only made me sound less authentic. Hence, after getting Essay help as well as reading tons of essays written by British essay writer - I thoroughly learned the technique of writing an impressionable essay without trying too hard. One that helped me bag scholarships at several professional colleges that I applied for. Here are some tips that might be of use to you as well in the grueling application process:

1. Stick to the Topic

In my attempts to stand out in my essays, I used to add absolutely unnecessary jargon. Which I believed was helping me build an image - whereas, it was hindering my chances of getting a scholarship. The examiners have hundreds to thousands of application essays to read through. Thus, they prefer to read things that are relevant to the topic. It doesn't have much to do with what you have to say about yourself but how well you can express yourself within the given subject. Thus, sticking to the topic is more important than flaunting your great qualities.

2. Do Not Use Colloquial Language

Yet again, another mistake I made to come off as a unique candidate... I used to fill each sentence of my scholarship essay with seemingly fancy words; ones that were hard to pronounce and spell. Whilst completely ignoring how suitable a word was for expressing myself. Often times synonyms have specific uses, and blindly searching them to use them as a replacement for simpler words is downright literary suicide! Be mindful of the words you use and do check a thesaurus for the exact meaning.

3. Write a Compelling, Authentic Story

Your scholarship essay is an insight to your personality, your struggles, aims and ambitions. You must delivery these in a concise, yet compelling manner. You are competing with several candidates; you cannot have the same old sob story of how needy you are of financial aid to make your future better. There must be an emotional sentiment attached to your writing, a passion that drives you and a purpose that surpasses self-service. I stopped taking my essay as a plea for scholarship but as an opportunity for the organization to get to know me; and that is precisely what they want you to do. Tell them why you're worth the investment!

4. Brainstorm Before You Begin, Revise Before You Finish

A key rule for any essay. Your first draft will be full of mistakes and would lack flow. If you want to increase your probability of getting a scholarship, you must have an impeccably written essay. For this you must brainstorm on the ideas you want to discuss in the essay and the ones that will deviate from the topic. Before submitting your essay, read it for proper sentence structure, reread it for spelling and grammar and then you may run it through online essay help for professional proofreading or spelling and grammar checks. A little effort goes a long way!

5. Look Up for the Organization's Core Values

Every organization that you're applying for looks for particular traits and values to drive their generous cause. You must incorporate these values into your essay so that you're not only aware of what the organization wants but also appeal to them. This is mostly encouraged by most organizations as they see that the students in genuinely interested in their aid.

6. Don't Try to Sound Perfect

Everyone has flaws. Do not blatantly discuss yours, but do not fail to acknowledge them either. Most essays tend to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. Explain your strengths well. But highlight your weaknesses products of your environment and how you plan to overcome them, or how you take them as lessons to work on yourself daily.

7. Have a Mentor or Teacher Read Your Essay

Do not be shy about getting help. Looking back, I feel like this was one of my biggest mistakes, for I used to get so overwhelmed about the application process that I became too anxious of taking constructive criticism. But having a mentor read your essay can be a life saver! Try to take their feedback with a growth mindset and rectify your essay according to it. This is always a better alternative to cheap essay writing services UK.

8. Do Not Use Quotes

I was a huge lover of quotations, especially inspirational ones. I loved how they motivated me so I never refrained from using them in my essays. Until one day I learnt that the essay is not about what others have said but it's about your unique mindset, aims and journey. It's a good thing to be driven by looking up to your idols. But in your scholarship essay, everything is about you, you are your idol. Hence, any quotes added to your writing will just give the impression that you're lazy, not aligned with your own perspectives and aims; or it would just waste your precise word count on the dangerously concise essay. Thus, make sure the essay is completely about you.

Finally, I hope my mistakes and tips help you right a winning scholarship essay. The key to writing a good essay is also self-awareness, the more you know about yourself the better equipped you are at telling a compelling story. Take genuine interest in your life and do not write with the goal of convincing the organization of your need for financial aid. Let them be the decision makers, your only job is to present yourself in an authentic and interesting manner.

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