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How To Write An Essay Title In 2023 (Step By Step Guide With Examples)



Whenever a reader comes across an essay, it is well established that he will never plunge directly into the vast content without looking through the title for essay. This is the section that briefly describes to him the content of the essay. While running through the title, a reader realizes what to anticipate next and where to take a glance for certain essentials as it is like an opening to the actual thought process of the writer of the essay.

The decision of choosing a title for an essay must be taken carefully as it will decide its fate. Here are a few steps to make an essay title the most appealing in 2023 to get a target segment of readers excited about reading your content.

How To Come Up With Ideas For Essay Titles?

When you are doing your due diligence, you must consider the various possible titles for your essay. First of all, it is recommended to write down your essay's topic and genre as well as your keyword. It will lead you to take a more specified approach such as an analytical one or compare-and-contrast.

 It is the most appropriate way to choose a catchy title along with the best organizational strategy to manage the outlook of the essay. In a more elaborate way, humorous or witty titles are best suited to creative essays but they cannot set good essay titles examples as they fail to give a preview of the content of an essay to the reader.

Principles Of Formatting In Essay Title:

Have a look at the following guidelines for those who are searching to address their query on how to write a title in an essay in different formats available.

  • Essay Title Rules For MLA Format

The principle alphabet in an essay's title should be capitalized in MLA format. Every word in the sentence that falls under the category must be capitalized other than articles, prepositions, and coordinating conjunctions. When the word to appears with an infinitive, it is also capitalized. However, there is a waiver of this rule when one of these words appears either as the first or last word in the essay's title. For example,

Water Crisis: Search for Root Causes

  • Guidance For Chicago-Style Essay Titles

Like MLA, APA, and Oscola referencing generator, the Chicago citation generator is well-known to every essay writer. There are no other particular requirements for an essay title in the Chicago style manual.  Only the title appears in capital letters.

  • Essay Title Standards For Apa Format:

Like MLA format, APA format mandates that essay titles be capitalized. Along with this formatting provision, APA also necessitates that essay titles must be brief and particularly free of abbreviations and superfluous words. An illustration of an essay title in APA format is provided below:

What Causes the Stigma around Mental Health?

This is a simpler example of an essay title in this particular format.  A reader can easily assess the upcoming discussion. As an APA format is typically applied to scientific and technical writing, so it is nearly impossible to use any rhetorical devices in essay titles.

Key Recommendation On How To Write An Essay Title:

After careful consideration of formatting guidelines, a writer must proceed to the next phase of taking an even more calculated approach on how to write an essay title. The writers of the essay title must incorporate these recommendations as well to make their essays stand out in 2023.

  • An essay title should have a few key phrases that are pertinent to the whole debate
  • An eye-catching phrase or vivid imagery through words 
  • Additional words or phrases that are considered necessary to inform the reader of what is intended from the essay

Here is a need to revisit the essay headings from the section above. The following components can be found in the first example, Water Crisis: Search for Root Causes.

  • A catchy phrase that alludes to the greatest dilemma of the current era at an international level.
  • Clarity regarding how the essay specifically explores various perspectives which are in play behind this greatest issue.
  • The word root causes almost summarizes the whole volume of debate coming next.

Moreover, a reader must take notice of how the tone of the essay title differs in APA from that of the MLA essay title. An APA-style essay title conveys a more distanced, interpretive paradigm, giving the reader a sense of the essay's overall tone.

Points To Ponder:

It is generally best to avoid using derogatory or contentious language. It goes well with the argumentative essay. If your essay makes an argument against an idea or claims that a certain viewpoint is wrong.

 Rather than using harsh words, it is more appropriate to rephrase the argument using unbiased or uplifting language to avoid the possibility of upsetting the reader or weakening your own argument by sounding hostile or mean-spirited. These two essay titles can be compared in this regard

  1. The Worst Idea to Defeat Terrorism is through Dialogue
  2. Dialogue is the Best Course to Combat Terrorism

A reader can observe from these examples that the second choice, the one that avoids negative connotations sounds more interesting and suggests a reading experience that is more focused on finding solutions. Even if the reader may not agree that dialogue is the only solution to this particular problem, still he can be intrigued into reading your essay with this title.

An engaging title demands the writer should avoid trying to be doing their reader's thinking by giving them the answers in their title. The readers must come up with their own judgments from the essay. Furthermore, Jot down the ideas for the titles you come up with during the whole process of outlining the essay.  Go back to them once your first draft is finished as finding the perfect title for your essay can be much simpler once you have completed the outline.

Essay Titles Examples:

An essay writer must be conscious of the fact that the style and terminology change depending on the type of essay. A title that works well for a persuasive essay might not be appropriate for an expository essay. So also, a title that is appropriate for a comparative essay may be discouraged for an argumentative essay. The following examples of various essay titles show how to write an essay title that expresses its particular genre.

  1. Personal Essays

How Working in the Corporate World for 10 Years Made Me a Better Manager

Why I Will Never Visit the North in Winters Again

  1. Argumentative Essays

The Drinking Age Should be Raised

The Trojan Horse: An Examination of the Situation

 It Is Legal to Possess a Gun to Protect Your Life

Cameras in Public: A Security Measure or a Privacy Violation?

  • Analytical Essays

The Reasons behind the Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic

What is Love? Why the answers from Romantic and Modern Artists Differ Greatly

  1. Persuasive Essays

When Sadness Feels More Pleasant than Joy

Illegal Aliens are Entitled to Remain in the US.

All Heinous Crimes Should be Punished with the Death Sentence.

A Story of Love and Allergies: Reasons to Stay Away from Springtime Flowers

  1. Creative Essays

Why Buffy the Zombie Slayer is my role model

Influence of Instagram on Young People

  1. Compare-and-Contrast Essays

The Pursuit of Power, Money, and Dynamite: Pursuing White Whales in Moby Dick and Jaws

Outdoor Growth Patterns of Shiitake and Lion's Mane Mushroom

  • College Application Essays

Dance and Math Have More in Common Than You Think

Marijuana's Effects on the Brain

Short And Simple Is Ideal:

All of the above categories encompass some pseudonym of the whole theme essay. These titles are the primary objectives of each essay. There are no pointless details or the entire story in the title. Each title is justifying the essay in a few words like a slogan. You could also restate your thesis statement, which captures the essence of the essay.

Include A Modest Fraction Of SEO:

Any student or aspiring writer can facilitate his writing through search engine optimization (SEO). Find the words associated with the main idea as you focus on the title. Add the words along with the word quote in Google's search field. A search engine will return a good amount of web pages with potentially helpful in-text quotes. Choose the preferable section which is an easy way to come up with a unique title for an essay.


The above excerpt introduces a reader to the fact that the title and content of the essay run parallel in nature and importance as part of the same process. The title is the actual reflection of the whole piece of writing. Therefore, following the approach of British essay writers, the essay title should be effective, brief, and conclusive.

Otherwise, a wrong choice of title can drastically alter the whole aura of an essay. Furthermore, one or more keywords that identify the topic sentence of the essay should be included in the title that introduces the main theme to the reader.

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