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What is Brexit?

The talk of the town since 2016; Brexit is one game changer episode in the history of the seasons of The United Kingdom. It is the short term used for ‘British Exit’ from the European Union.

Seems like a couple breakup- Brangelina lol, funny. Right?


The European Union

EU functions in the continent of Europe and its main purpose is to unite all the 28 countries within the border through trade, travelling and migrate for living, and has its own policies that have to be followed by all the membership countries. The Great Britain joined the EU in 1973 along with rest of the European countries. Ever since the Britain became a part of EU, it was never contented by the supremacy and the poor economic policies implemented which affected their resources to a greater extent. Hence, on Thursday 23, June 2016 the Britain decided to exit the European Union by 51.9% to 48.1% votes.

Brexit- Blessing or a Curse?

Just like everything comes at a price, getting freedom from European Union was easy but the aftermath became quite indigestible. Just like living independently without the supervision of parents is not a piece of cake and we get to do everything on our own, same happened with the UK when it decided to move out from the European Union. Definitely everything has its own perks but this Brexit has created millions of complications for the poor United Kingdom.

Miserable downfall of the Great British Pound

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!’
These lines from our favourite childhood poem literally fits in with this situation precisely, I AM DYING LAUGHING!

The Great Britain Pound used to be one of the highest worth currencies of the globe but Since 2017 there has been an inestimable decline in the worth of Pound and has pose many challenges to viability of the currency. Ouch! How does it feel when you’re amongst the top 3 students in your high school and just one mistake in your one paper takes that GOLD MEDAL from you?

Gloominess in the Environment

Brexit has created an uninteresting and boring territory in UK between the nationals and foreigners from Europe. Ever since brexit has been approved a sense of hatred is observed by the members of EU for the British and the youth of the British for their ancestors because it turned out that the young generation was against brexit while the older generation was in favour.


It’s all like- UK is the step son of Europe and rest of the siblings are not ready to accept him. Poor UK!



Hustle and Bustle in the Education System

The UK higher education system has always been on a roll because of the excellent quality of education and outstanding resources they provide in their institutions. The highest number of students in UK other than their nationals is Internationals from European countries and there are chances that in near future the clumsy environment in schools and colleges may worsen if this Brexit saga doesn’t get normal.


Education Sector of UK

UK happens to be the second largest hub of the world where students from all across the globe come in order to seek quality education. Even the British essay writers are the best writers found in entire Europe. Out of which 30% of the ratio comprises of the students and academic staff of 17% from the EU countries. Not bad at all!

Flock of international students studying in UK


There are many countries like China, USA, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Australia send students in bulk to UK for pursuing their higher education. UK offers various kinds of scholarships worldwide that bribes students in taking admission in their esteemed universities. Just like ‘SALE’ attracts every other woman!


Educational strategies of EU

European Union has a policy of exchange programs for the students of its membership countries and offers free education on scholarship to the deserving students in foreign countries all over the Europe. ISN’T THAT AHHHHH-MAZING? You just need to get good grades and ‘TADAAA’ you can get education for free!!!!

UK’s Revenue from Education Sector before Brexit

United Kingdom has “THE BEST” universities of the world and hence the cream of students from all over the countries take admissions there. The country has created noticeable revenue in the last 2 decades through education sector. In 2016 before Brexit UK generated a revenue to £19.9 billion, an increase of 26% since 2010.

Impact of Brexit on EU Students

Brexit has started creating hurdles for the EU students in the UK because of the termination of all the favors and benefits that were being offered earlier. The education fees excluding the scholarship in UK are expensive and cannot be afforded by a common man.


Consequences of Brexit

The United Kingdom has to live as a self-sustaining country without the influence of European Union, there will be a breathing space for the nation BUTTT along with some interruption of activities as well.

Brexit is 2019’s hot debate that is being discussed everywhere and used as a topic in law essay writing by the teachers in their courses as well.


Last but not the least!

If exorbitant fees will be charged, students belonging to the middle class families will eventually start migrating to different countries that have EU membership because of economical fees and in order to meet their educational requirements.

Moreover, all the researches that are done in the UK and the extravagant infrastructure investments of high schools and universities that are funded by the EU in the country will directly have an effect on the net government finances of the educational sector of the UK.


Quick Review on the Statistical Data of the Brexit Saga (Infographic)

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