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Implementations of SWOT Analysis on Apple, Samsung and Huawei


SWOT Analysis-Three Big Giants in Smart Phone World

Well, you all must have smart phones; there is no doubt about it. However, which one do you use or which one do you prefer the most. That is not constant as everyone’s choices are different from each other. Almost 5 billion people on earth are the mobile device owners and half of them own smart phones. So, the industry itself is huge and is showing progress not only in phone Gadgets but many other smart devices too.

In the mobile phone market the competition is fierce and more competitors are spreading their wings in this industry. In 2019, it was observe that Apple had a shift of sales which means the number 1 smart phone is not just number 1 anymore.

Let’s see with the help of SWOT Analysis templates how these three Giants has make possible changes through external and internal factors hindering there progress.  

SWOT Analysis of Apple an Insight to what inside it  





Apple ecosystem is the biggest competitive advantage

Higher that led to shift in demand

New technology innovation

No iPhone jobs in America

Brand loyalty and faithful users

Cannot meet consumers expectations



Strength of Apple in SWOT

Apple ecosystem is the biggest competitive advantage

  • Why it is difficult to convert smart phone into Android phones? Apple is certainly very clever in aligning their products and services interconnected to each other.
  • However, when IPhone was first launched Steve Job had the vision to make people recognised their initial need.  This mission goes on when the Apple integrate ecosystem in all the devices, which makes a user captivated in their trap.
  •  For example if you an Apple user need to listen to song ask Siri for songs in any Apple devices whenever you want.   

Brand loyalty and faithful users

  • It has been seen in 2019 statistics the loyalty of IPhone users is estimated to be 74.6% trade-in brand loyalty.
  • For such a faithful user bank ever since the existence, apple is still considered 1st in ranking of loyalty.
  • However, it has been weakened in the 2019 sales dropped out for other respectful factors.   

Highlighted weakness of Apple Phones

Higher prices that led to shift in demand

  • The market of Apple has always been elite class individual’s specifically the one who are business owners. However, it is seen that IPhone price is not been slowing down the reason is US dollars rate is making product too expensive this led to consumers purchasing power hindered.
  • The political affairs and macro factors had made sales disappeared. So, in some parts of country like japan has solved this major issue into subsidising the products and services which has impact Apple drastically.

Cannot meet consumers’ expectations   

  • Not much upgrade is been implemented as per innovation is concern. It is been observe that that main concern of Apple seems to be IPhone sales dropped.
  • To keep the IPhone on working it has been reported that new camera features is going to be added plus updating the Wi-Fi protocols and antennas for better reception. However, it may not seem to impress consumers who want a cutting edge features that can be best in the pocket.  

Opportunities that should be avail not neglected

New Technology Innovation  

  • This year will be more impressive and roller-coaster ride as Apple have set its gears in launching new technology services such as IPhones, IPad, Macbooks and watches. With two pro-phones that have high definition Camera that has wide angle length and new triple lens camera in it. Let’s see if Apple can capture the IPhone users like ever before.
  • New other technology advancement is coming next year which might coop up with downfall of sales. Moreover, Apple not only is capturing the hearts of IPhone users but also the one who are technology freak so, new updates in

Threats-something you should definitely avoid  

No IPhones Jobs in America

  • You might consider it as weakness; the manufacturing is all done in other parts of the country but not is USA. As this is now becoming a threat to business.
  • Trump has impose restrictions on whatever profit company has made and to bring it back to the country it will have to pay 10% tax. So, Cook need to take active decisions on how to set such production and safe USA jobs in the market.
  • Moreover, if you like to seek more information on where these all production is done from than try Apple IPhones design in California. 

SWOT Analysis of Samsung-Evaluate External and Internal Factors

Through the help of the table you can easily identify what the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The British Essay Writers have made the concept simples and skimmer just for the students.   





Wide Product portfolio

Rivalry with Nokia 

Coming up with unique preposition

Controversial implications 

Significant Market Share

Cost of production

Increasing employees productivity

Excessive competition

One of its kind in term of design and technology

Too much dependence on software

Getting diversified

Rising global legal implications and regulations

First mover advantage


Getting into partnership with online service firm 

Rising cost of raw material and labour

Strengths of Samsung in SWOT Analysis

Wide Product Portfolio

It is considered as one of biggest competitor advantage, as Samsung covers almost every Electronic device or gadget in its product portfolio unlike its competitors.

Significant Market Share

Due to innovative smart phones technology, Samsung captured Nokia’s market share and became No.2 in terms of market share.

One of its Kind In terms of Design and Technology

Samsung is the first one to create a beautiful combo of design and technology, with launching dual screen mobiles, 65k TFT/LCD colour phone etc. for the first time.

First Mover Advantage

Samsung enjoys the privilege of having a first mover advantage, through launch of advance features in LCD, refrigerator, air conditioner etc.

Weaknesses of Samsung in SWOT Analysis

Rivalry with Nokia

Nokia, is still favoured in terms of ease of use, reliability and resale value.

Cost of Production

Samsung is not able to meet economies of scale in order to tackle increasing Chinese influence in developing markets.

Too much Dependence on Software

In spite of hard ware leading company, Samsung is unable to control its dependence over software from other parties.


Samsung is subjected to being cannibalised, as once it launched a series of smart phones which caused cannibalisation.

Opportunities for Samsung of SWOT Analysis

Coming up with Unique Proposition

Considering the needs of its targeted audience, Samsung is coming up with a new air conditioning product called Triple Protection Preposition. With this maximum level of customer retention would be made possible.

Increasing Employee’s Productivity

By investing in its HR management Samsung can enhance the productivity and performance of its employees. Hence, would give a better transformational accomplishment against competitors.

Getting Diversified

Being a global brand with strong financial standing Samsung has the opportunity to diversify itself further in Asian and European markets and increase its market share tenth fold.

Getting into Partnerships with Online Service Firms

This sort of partnership will be really helpful for Samsung since it will cover the lacking of Samsung which is of being cost-inefficient in terms of delivering online services to consumers.

Threats for Samsung of SWOT Analysis

Controversial Implications

After a heated court battle with it’s rival Apple, Samsung has been subjected to sales and reputation decline. Furthermore, it can still bring any future implications.

Excessive Competition

Samsung is subjected to severe competition, it’s competitors are competing ferociously to become a technology leader in the world, therefore in this case these are constant threat for Samsung.

Rising Global Legal Implications & Regulations:

Since the world has become more digitally oriented, concerned governments have started to issue regulations and guidelines restricting companies around the globe with its legal obligations. Therefore, Samsung can’t be exempted from such obligations and failure to comply may result in final downfall.

Rising Costs of Labour & Raw Material:

Since higher the operational cost higher these two costs, resulting in becoming a threat for acquiring efficient supply chain management and human resources. Whereas, this threat has become more serious since Chinese markets are meeting economies of scale much efficiently.

Swot analysis of Huawei the next generation smart phones

  The mobile phone industries are becoming more and more infatuated by the customers. The customers are very much depend on these smart phones and have every minor information about the new features update. The best essay writing services in UK has list down the SWOT Analysis of Huawei that can easily be understandable for students.       





Automation of activities

Weak with forecasting marketing demand

Good cash flow statement

Local Distributors Mustering More Margins


Skilled labour force

Undefined marketing position

Cutting down transportation cost

Increasing Labour Costs in China


Strong relationships with its dealers

High employee turnover rate

Developing new market

Lack of Innovative Products


Strong cash flows

Unable to tackle new entrants


Rising Raw Material Costs


Strengths of Huawei of SWOT Analysis

Automation of Activities

This has enabled the company to scale up and scale down according to market demand.

Skilled Labour Force

Huawei has invested in training of labour to that extent where it can become a competitive advantage to its competitors.

Strong Relationships with its Dealers

Have such a good relationship with its dealers and distributors that not only dealers invest in training their staff to do more sales for Huawei but to also spread brand awareness among consumers.

Strong Cash Flows:

This helps Huawei in expanding its market share and in developing new products.

Weaknesses of Huawei of SWOT Analysis

Weak with Forecasting Market Demands:

Due to this lacking Huawei missed many opportunities and suffers from inventory surplus both in-house and in channel.

Undefined Marketing Positioning:

Due to this competitors can attack Huawei in this regard, thou product is good but marketing strategy needs to be considered wisely.

Higher Employee Turnover Rate:

This rate is much higher than it’s competitor’s employee turnover, therefore Huawei invests so much in training that it is affecting it’s cost management.

Unable to Tackle New Entrants:

Due to this Huawei has lost small market Shares in many niche segments.

Opportunities for Huawei of SWOT Analysis

Good Cash-Flow Statements

Utilizing it's cash in the bank can open up new ventures in terms of technological revolution and expanding into new markets through launching various product categories.

Cutting down Transportation Costs

It can aid in becoming cost-efficient, increasing profitability and passing on benefits to consumers to gain further market share.

Developing New Markets

Through developing new markets in already established markets of competitors, Huawei will be able to create a competitor advantage.

Use of New Technology

Adopting new technology will give Huawei a new opportunity to practice pricing strategies, to maintain it’s new customer while adding more value preposition to products.

Threats for Huawei of SWOT Analysis

Local Distributors Mustering More Margins

Since the more the local distributors are growing in competitive markets the more they possess a threat to Huawei, as they are getting higher margins due to local distributors.

Increasing Labour Costs in China

Movement like $15/hour and rising pay level has increased the labour cost in-home and manufacturing hub of Huawei this could impact the cost management hence the overall profitability of Huawei.

Lack of Innovative Products

If Huawei doesn't come up with new products in the market then it could face a serious threat of diminishing sales.

Rising Raw Material Costs

This can impact the profitability of Huawei in long-run.

Wrapping up

Through the SWOT Analysis you get the idea of big fishes in the smart phone world having difficulties plus weakness that has been pin point through the tool.  To adhere these major concerns students can get the idea of SWOT Analysis being performed through industries and what impact does it make to the overall company.

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