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100+ Awesome Essay Topics and Ideas for Success


We all know writing essays can be time-consuming and dull. It takes hours to create excellent topics for technology essay, and coming up with essay topic ideas might be even more challenging.

Writing essays is challenging and time-consuming because of this. Fortunately, you may learn how to write essays with experience and by studying some excellent samples. However, before doing that, you should be able to select an interesting and worthwhile essay topic.

We have organized a collection of several different types of essay topic lists into categories including education essay topics to aid you in getting started.

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay thoroughly researches a subject, formulates an argument, and then supports that argument with evidence.

Here are some solid argumentative essay topics to assist you in creating effective papers.

  • Should the government take additional steps to provide accessibility for those who are physically challenged?
  • Will there ever be a moment when no new technological developments take place?
  • The production and sale of tobacco should be prohibited.
  • Should animal testing be banned worldwide?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is it ethical for companies to use unpaid interns?
  • Should genetically modified foods be labeled?
  • Should schools teach about climate change as part of the curriculum?
  • Is it ethical to use drones for military purposes?
  • Should the minimum wage be raised?

Persuasive Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is comparable to a persuasive essay. However, the author hopes to persuade the readers of their viewpoint on it. Simple essay subjects would produce better essays because they keep students' attention. You can even hire a persuasive essay writing service online.

Here are some suggestions for effective persuasive essay topics:

  • In colleges and schools, energy drinks have to be prohibited.
  • Should abortion be outlawed globally?
  • Hunting is a sinful activity.
  • Is using animals in a circus acceptable?
  • Schools shouldn't permit the use of cell phones.
  • Like students, teachers need to pass a professional exam.
  • Less work should be assigned to pupils in schools.
  • Vlogging is not a legitimate career.
  • Is Java going out of style?

Descriptive Essay Topics

A descriptive essay uses sensory information to describe a particular thing. The goal is to appeal to the reader's five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight).

The collection of descriptive essay topics for pupils is provided below.

  • The individual who has a direct impact on my life.
  • Give a 1960s person a brief explanation of a smartphone and its advantages.
  • The most intriguing work of art I've ever encountered.
  • What would the appearance be of a location that only exists in your mind?
  • Describe a notable person you met.
  • Tell a stranger about your personality and yourself.
  • How will society function in 2050?
  • an event that permanently altered my life.
  • The ideal day in your opinion.
  • my first overseas journey.
  • The pivotal moment in American history.
  • a well-liked book series that let you down.

Narrative Essay Topics

Your objective in a narrative essay is to share a personal experience through storytelling. This type of imaginative writing depends on how compelling and compelling the theme is. The article themes for students provided here have been carefully chosen and will aid them in writing strong essays. Nowadays students can even hire narrative essay writing service.

The list below includes some instances and suggestions for narrative essay topics.

  • I learned from this experience that appearances can be deceiving.
  • a week devoid of technology and the internet.
  • the effect of your initial love on your life.
  • How much of the person you are today is a result of your teachers?
  • a circumstance that let you realize your parents weren't always correct.
  • a time when an unpopular person pleasantly surprised you.
  • how technology has affected your interests and daily life.
  • success outside of the classroom?
  • Which academic instruction impacted your life the most?
  • the day you battled procrastination.
  • when you experienced rejection.
  • when you rebelled against your parents.

Research Essay Topics

The most important stage in preparing a research essay is selecting a topic. Choose a subject that is extensive enough to support a full digital marketing dissertation topics.

Here are some great research essay topics:

  • The best research essay themes are listed here.
  • children's reactions to violent cartoons.
  • Should colleges make concessions for students with disabilities?
  • I concur that recent events and experiences are to blame for the rise in terrorism.
  • How do gadgets and technology impact kids' academic performance?
  • Do preschoolers perform better academically?
  • Universities are increasingly focusing on business.
  • Does student debt have an impact on their future lives?
  • Why did the divorce rate fluctuate over the last ten years?
  • Mobile devices should be permitted in schools.
  • effective strategies for reducing youth depression.
  • Examine how the United States of America and North Korea interact.
  • Why did the UK choose to withdraw from the EU?
  • In a same-sex school, do pupils study more effectively?
  • How do different gadgets for kids affect their academic performance?
  • Comparing the immigration laws of two distinct nations
  • The things that cause World War I.
  • study broad’s benefits and drawbacks
  • How has Covid-19 affected the global schooling system?
  • Personal choices that contribute to global warming
  • effects of the Covid-19 control measures.

Expository Essay Topics

To effectively explain and clarify your subject to the reader, write an expository essay.

The themes for expository essay topics are listed below:

  • Why do young people kill themselves?
  • What effect does music have on our young people?
  • What are the repercussions of skipping class?
  • What drives juvenile drug use?
  • How many having pets enhance your life and make you happier?
  • Alcohol consumption has negative effects on a school campus.
  • How do relationships get impacted by drug use?
  • Is skin cancer a result of global warming?
  • Is sodium unhealthy for you?
  • What distinguishes an individual from an obese person?
  • Why do you want to pursue the career you want?
  • Describe how advancing science has helped people live better lives.
  • What are some novel techniques for reducing stress?
  • Whom would you choose to exchange lives with, and why?
  • What are some of the main sources of stress for teenagers?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Your analyses and examine the parallels and discrepancies between the two subjects in a compare and contrast essay. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages you have presented problem solution essay topics, your reader must be able to form an opinion.

You can select one of the following subjects for your compare and contrast essay:

  • both extroverts and recluses.
  • Millennials against Generation Z.
  • Lifesize Drones vs. Customary Helicopters.
  • Students without jobs versus students working a part-time job
  • TOEFL and SAT.
  • How are persuasive and argumentative essays similar?
  • What distinguishes the causes of World War I from World War II?
  • Which is harder, a professional career or education?
  • either engaging in daily life or daydreaming.
  • What are the worst earthquake and tsunami effects?
  • being alone or popular in high school?
  • Working part-time or pursuing higher education?
  • Differences and similarities between living in the city and living in the countryside.
  • Comparison between traditional education and online learning.
  • Differences and similarities between the Harry Potter book series and the Lord of the Rings book series.
  • Comparing and contrasting the cultures of Japan and China.
  • Differences and similarities between cats and dogs as pets.
  • Comparing and contrasting the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The purpose of a cause-and-effect essay is to describe both the causes of events and their effects. An expository essay is a particular style of writing.

Some cause and effect essay ideas are listed below:

  • The causes and effects of the opioid epidemic in the United States.
  • The causes and effects of the rise of online shopping on brick-and-mortar stores.
  • What factors lead to eating disorders?
  • The causes and effects of poverty on children's development.
  • impact of the feminist movement.
  • What are the reasons behind the rise in teen depression?
  • Why do people have suicidal thoughts?
  • Is having a pet a good way to decompress?
  • What effects does divorce have on kids?
  • Why are guys reluctant to commit?
  • youth and social media effects.
  • Has social media had an impact on family relationships?
  • The causes and effects of obesity in modern society.
  • The causes and effects of the rise of automation and job loss.
  • The causes and effects of the digital divide on access to education.


Can I use these argumentative essay topics?

If you are looking for argumentative essay topics this article has mentioned several of them under its heading. You can even hire an argumentative essay writing service.

Are these technology essay topics free?

Yes, they are free for every student.

How can I get inspiration from these essay topics?

You can get all sorts of ideas with the topics mentioned above and can come up with your topic.

Can I get narrative essay writing help?

Yes, you can hire for any kind of college essay writing service.

Do you also have other topics like digital marketing dissertation topics?

Check our website and this article for a variety of digital marketing dissertation topics.

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