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Hellloooooooooo people! What’s up? Confused by my reference image? You shouldn’t be! Well when I explain my topic through my image you will get to like it.

Its Alina here

Hey! I am Alina, I am literature student. I came across many boring things as I study serious tones of literature. So a thought came into my mind why don’t I make reader enjoy doing research work? Interesting? Yeah it is! I will be writing about fundamental things in the tone that make people smile! Are you with me in this? Yes you are! I know!

What cooking today?

Today I will be sharing some tips about writing a narrative essay. I have been through different tips from Essay writers UK and trust me I dozed off in the middle. Why so serious bro? Relax its just an essay! Entertain your reader don’t make them panic with your sophisticated headings and wordings.

My attitude towards literature is different as I thoroughly enjoy what I read or what I write. So let me tell or wait let me narrate you how to get a narrative essay done!

Get some basics done!

Before starting the journey of narrative essay writing, get a clear concept of essay writing through this ultimate guide. It will guide you in writing the essay in a proficient manner

Why narrative essay is different?

Wow! You got all information about essay writing now it’s time to start writing! But what if your instructor cancels out your entire essay? Scary? Yes it is! So what you have to do next is to understand the difference between types of essays

Am I sounding boring? Yeah! But before getting over the cruise we need to understand the basic first so we can launch the cruise.

The key elements of narrative essay:




What is the purpose to write narrative essay?


How should you start the essay?


Who Is the hero of your essay?


What lesson did you learned?


Get it proofread before submitting!

Now let me explain but wait should I give examples? I think I should!

I read a narrative essay on Essay writing service UK regarding shyness of a person so I thought of writing something relatable to it.

For example: Narrative essay on “My Journey of Confidence”.


Let the world know how to face challenges when you are shy person and get confident in this journey.


My introduction will be something that will get attention of my reader. I will start like a story.


How I get into the shyness? Who helped me in this process? What forced me to be confident? How I fought with the world


What I achieved in this journey? How I came up to be confident?


I will get it proof read by my friend to get some reviews from him related to my essay.

Well peeps I have summarized some basics of essay writing in narrative style but if you still want to know more let me tell you with some proper concepts:


The main purpose essay:

Write about your own experience, facing different challenges that made you confident.

Motive of writing:

Inspire and motivate the reader to face challenges of the world.


Inspire your audience:

Start with some movie drama like harry potter series! Let the audience get interested in your essay.

Make audience curious:

Law essay help conducted a survey in which these questions were asked by the readers; why would anyone read your essay? When they will become interested? When do they actually become curious about your story?

These questions proved to be main insight in narrative essays! The main job is to make someone curious enough to read your next sentence. That’s the main target of essay.


Hold the surprise:

Do not give the main theme in the beginning of the story. Wait till your audience or reader is curious to read your essay and then reveal the surprise!

Don’t be boring:

Get your reader busy with the essay; do not have a boring tone or boring things to explain.

Use different tones and dialogues:

Use different tones to entertain your reader. Make them interested by using dialogues wherever necessary.

Make them visualize:

Make the reader visualize the journey you have been telling.


Write to remember:

British essay writers say:

“Write in a way that reader remembers you for life time”.

Make sense:

Whatever you are writing it ought to make a sense to reader.


Get away from fire:

Be aware what your mistakes are. Take precautions before your words fire back on your essay.

Its hard to win a reader!

Writing a narrative essay? Wow you have guts to face the world but do you really believe that you can win the world? It is the main question that worries a reader the answer to this question is “Believe in you”

Strategy to believe in you:

Why I am writing this essay? It is the main question a writer first asks to himself. There are three main strategies to come up with:

  1. I am writing to make a point!
  2. I am writing to win audience!
  3. I am writing to make a difference!

These are the targets of your writing and these can only be achieved when you trust yourself!

Wait! Have I discussed with you blunders?

I completely forget to warn you about the blunder that you could make in essay writing!

There are few blunders that you have to avoid as in

  1. Grammatical errors:

Avoid grammatical errors in your essay that decreases quality of your writing.

  1. Repetition:

Do not repeat the same sentences or incidents again and again

  1. Boring tone:

Try to create an interesting tone rather than boring style.

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