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Steps to compose a Persuasive Essay


Hello peeps, I am with you all once again! Have you read my blog onexpository essay? No? Yes? Címon people what are you waiting for? A Santa Claus or Christmas Eve? ANYWAYS!

Today I am writing to give you some shots about persuasive essay. Well what is persuasive essay mean? So it simply means;

ďI have a damn point and you have to agree on that!Ē

As you already know I donít write in a boring way so letís explore it in my way! Have you watched Disney film brave? Well that was a movie which actually persuade me to write about persuasive essay as Princess Merida was the description of persuasive essay! So letís explore brave oops I meant to say persuasive essay steps! But wait, before knowing the steps first understand the soul of the essay! SoÖ..

The story begins with Princess Meridaís Stance:

The first rule of princes Merida and persuasive essay is you need to have stance! Now you must be wondering to take a bow and shoot to the target. Well definitely yes! Set a target for your topic an argument that you have to prove to the world and make your voice heard out. For example if you are writing on nursing, do research on nursing essay help and then make your argument. Itís literally idiotic to make an argument when you donít know the topic.

Be stubborn!

Yes you need to be stubborn like Merida to prove your point. donít be like those useless prince who had no life, no view and no personality. You need to have certain personality in you essay to make someone believe in you. Well you need tips for that so here you go:

Tips for creating a charm in essay

Do research First and most important step for making a personality of essay is to search about it. Do not fire in air and think youíre perfect! Look into the insights of others that what they have said about your topic. What is the traditional story?
Make a valid point Why do you want to write a persuasive essay? What is your motive? Do you want to inspire or just justify? Make a clear vision of your point to be argued.
Prove your point You know the point great now itís time to prove it! Gather facts and figures to shut your readersí questions ( which are dancing in his mind)
Capture the audience Wow! You have answered the questions now itís time to persuade him. Bring on the persona of your essay. Make your reader mesmerize about your points.
Target to win Mesmerized? Itís time to take a bow and hit the readers self-views about the topic. Make him realize that you have got a valid and better point of the topic.
DO NOT BE AFRAID Want to persuade someone? Great! But first have guts to voice out!

Man thatís so boring! Donít be like that at all!

As every UK essay writers, I searched for some essays and trust me! I dozed off! DO NOT BE BORING WITH YOUR PERSUASIVE ESSAY PLEASE! You are writing a persuasive essay you have to be bang on! If you have a decent or polite style thatís good (I donít prefer it just btw) but write in an energetic and enthusiastic way. Write in a way that your reader get captured with your words and arguments!

He got your point! Relax!

You donít have to repeat yourself again and again! That will irritate your reader.  You just have to;

  • Give a point
  • give arguments related to it
  • prove your point
  • move to next argument

You could be wrong too! So get it proofread!

Yeah! You have a point that doesnít make you angel! You are still a human! Similarly like Princess Merida (I have no concern of promoting that movie) has a point too but she proved to be wrong because of her one bad decision! (As in, get the movie to understand this point!)

Trouble? Well itís time for some fun!

Yeah if you get any trouble in writing, thatís the real fun otherwise it would be so boring.

Get me the steps now!

 Alright! I am done with giving you a quick understanding of the soul purpose of persuasive essay now itís time for some persuasion! I mean, steps to get you a pen and paper! These steps are recommended by British essay writers, although I have done some edits to make them simple.

Steps for persuasive essay

Headings Target Explanation






What is your argument! Give facts and figures!

  • Supportive statements
  • Previous research
  • New stances on your argument



In end you have to win the reader! If you fail in persuading him or her about your stance! Thatís a drastic land crashing of your essay.

Wait what? Am I done with the steps?

Well obviously, I am done with guiding you about persuasive essay. According to essay writing UK every essay style and pattern is similar, it depends on nature of the essay like descriptive, expository or any other type which make it different from others.

Btw did I tell you about marketing of your essay?

Yes, you have to market your essay, and this can be done by beautifying your essay. Meaning? As in having the correct font style, spacing, headings, sub headings, tables and what so ever your essay requires!

Catch you later!

Now a simple Bubye! And yes! If you need some more steps about any other essay or if you just want to read me out do let me know! I will be glad to do the honors!

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