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Top 10 traits that give preferences to a human being over robots


Have you ever thought of “living with a robot” what will it be? How would you feel if they adopt with you in your day to day activities?

How exciting?!? But do you ever wonder these tiny creations of human ruling over the world? Blow your mind as they indulge in your daily life and get leverage against us.

Horrifying! Isn’t it? However, I will share my piece of work to further get an idea about the above topic.

“How will life with robots be”?

The question arises in our mind what will be the outcomes of working hand in hand with robots just imagine the life where robots will be everywhere not just in our organizations but in hospitals, universities as well as in our homes.

People would be dependent upon robots for completing every task even picking a pencil to move one place to another with our own two feet will be difficult as our life would be totally messed up!   

If we talk about researchers, many claims that British people would no longer live without robots approximately, 60% of them believe that every household would prefer living with a robot would ease their workload. 

Things which robots are unable to perform better than humans:

Human, the superior most living being on earth, who have the power to create nuclear weapons, smart gadgets to automatic machines which act just like us and talk like us.

Do you know whom I am talking about? You’re right!

Sofia a humanoid robot which acts behave and even looks like a human.

Incredible, isn’t it?

Do you believe a robot just got citizenship of Saudi Arabia, would you imagine a robot living with us having the same routine of life with us! However, it might look extraordinary or you can say a new experience of interacting with a robot which we only see in movies, cartoons or novels. But can they still be superior from us or perform just the way a man works in his/her day to day life.

A mind Reader?!?

Logically speaking, we say that robots can be the next helping hand for humans but they are trying to take our place however, they cannot be perfect in most of it. However, some master essay writers have come up with blogs about robots being friends with humans. Humans are full of emotions, actions and reactions in every scenario or situation can even understand by the expression of another human being of what is being constructed in the mind of each individual.  

“You can’t trust something you can’t look in the eyes”

This is a saying that I came across a few days back and it completely inspired me! How can we trust someone or believe him/her if they cannot look into your eyes or cannot read your emotion or feel anything. We cannot depend on AI or robots just for the sake of technology and innovation strategy.

Will you be my FRIEND?

Who haven’t watched the series “friends” where group of teenagers live together, faces life hurdles, cope up with them together.

Well, if you haven’t seen the series, then you have missed out a whole range of roller-coaster ride of life experience of friends.

You might be thinking why I am even talking about friendship and all the stuff.

Well you’re nearly close,


Robots have been designed and the purpose of each robot or AI machine is to serve singular in a manner, not multiple tasks. But some of them can make you feel better as you communicate with them.

Recently, got an experience of exploring a vacuum cleaner a cute little gadget which walks around the house mopping and cleaning my home within a second.


No more cleaning for me! It might sound crazy though! 

WHAT! Really talking to a robot does it make any sense?

Obviously, how on earth we can talk to them? Will they even talk or give an answer? I reckon, to talk to myself as compared to the AI robot. Human tend to be emotional, full of feelings, and expressions.

If you ask me, I won’t be able to talk to a person who talk to me like a robot, speaks in a way each is boring lack of expressions and emotions.

At the end of the day ROBOT ARE JUST ROBOTS!

ME Too a robot! Are you trying to be funny?

Can a robot be humorous, can they be funny just like human, and can they make us laugh like a pro comedian?

These are the questions trigging in our mind as we tried to think out of the box. So, does it apply in robots to be as funny as humans well if we code data on a robot trained him to learn 50 to 60 jokes per day and tried to make new ones do you think it is possible to still make the audience laugh? I guess so; it may or may not be 100% achievable.

 If we talk about the robot Sofia which I told you earlier have a twitter account where she communicates with her followers some of her tweets are shown below:

Well, funny though Sofia the AI robot is ready to be a part of the star wars movie. She is full dress to show case her acting skills. Humorous! You might say that some robots can act funny I take my words back now.

Customer service ‘a piece of cake’

Imagine a salesperson, I mean a sales robot, will it be comfortable to talk to a robot asking him for queries?

It is a lifetime opportunity to visit a place full of robots, especially in the marketing department.

Well, it is exciting and a great experience though.

In Japan, there is a restaurant where robots are operating the whole system engaging customers by their attractive way of speaking to them.

There is a difference between computers or a technology understanding a living being, their feelings, care, and cherish them like us. A salesperson shows more gestures, empathy feeling to understand the problems of a person. Study shows, 92% of people wants a customer service executive to respond to every query and empathy them understand them.

Wow! A creative all in one:

Novelist, public speaker and creative mind!

A robot!  Novelist, does it sound realistic to you. Woah!

 A novel writer creates emotions, feelings, love, romance, sadness, and happy moment’s do you expect to read a novel that is written in a very professional way well-structured one.

But without emotions and understanding of audience will make it boring.

 I have never experienced a speaker to be a robot standing on a stage speaking to the non-AI audience on a ted talk.

Hmm, robots over human??

Um, what makes them different?

Is it possible to catch a criminal within a blink of an eye?

In 2019, we can easily deduct the criminal; find its whereabouts through sensing machines.

IRobot or robo cop can work in an enforceable environment where they can predict unseen visual any time through power sensor cameras, hear footprints which cannot be heard from human ears.

Tricky calculations? Not that big a deal!

Most of the calculations, tricky questions are considered to be difficult to be memorized. Nerdy geeks who can calculate more than 50 questions in a minute are few of them. However, a robot can not only calculate 50 to 100 mathematical questions in a minute. A lot of best essay writing services in UK are taking help of machines, robots and Artificial intelligence to proofread more than 100 essay writing per hour, and correct them within time.

Oops! Focus:

Every task being taken need focus, indulgence and devotion. In a working environment, people tend to be more distracted and losses focus within a minute.

Research shows that people tend to lose concentration within 10 to 15 minutes. In a busy schedule, people have lots of things in mind, personal to professional pressure make it unwavering focus.

 But a robot does not need to think of problems, the stress of life when it is activated to do a task it will complete with full focus.

Definitely, faster than US!

Robots are tending to be strong, long-lasting and never-ending speed is the key success for them. I am pretty sure essay writers the UK is using robots in their projects based assignment to quality assure their work.

Whether it is a construction company to an industry where the machine replaces the manpower as it moves along anywhere without exhausting itself. Can work more efficiently and as fast as possible it can? 

I suggest being safe is everything:

Most of the companies are willing to invest in security and guarantee. As sustainability is the main trend now a day's companies want their environment to be safer and cost-effective as well. Robots do not mind to be in an environment surrounded by chemicals, climatic changes nor have injuries and exhaustion anyway.

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