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Discover Top Internship Picks for College Students In UK!


Being on the journey of higher education is not only about gaining knowledge from books but is about getting real-world experience that eventually prepares you for a professional career. One of the effective ways to thrive and eliminate the gap between academia and the professional landscape is to do an internship. Students can do internships in reputable college essay writing services to earn extra bucks. For college, it is very beneficial because they can have many career opportunities. This way student can know their interest, implement their learning concepts, and build a foundation for their future careers. However, the work experience in your resume is considered to be "meat" and unfortunately you don't have much (Benz, 2021). However, a college internship doesn’t require any experience.

In this blog, the writer from Master Essay Writers will review the top internship programs that college students can pick. We will explore the top internship programs according to the industries and sectors that will give you useful insights into what they offer to college students. First, of all, you should learn the importance of internships in college.

Importance of Internships in College

Before discussing internship opportunities for college students, college students must know about the importance of internships. Internship brings close theoretical knowledge with real-world applications which allow students to:

  1. Explore career paths: Internship enables students to check different opportunities and have useful insights into various industries like UK essay writing which eventually helps students in making smart decisions regarding their career.
  2. Obtain real-world experience: Internships provide students the opportunity to gain real-world experience through applying learning concepts in a professional context.
  3. Makes professional network: Making connections in a professional context helps in the future by opening opportunities after graduation.
  4. Makes a strong resume and portfolio: The resume was first introduced by the father of paleontology, Leonardo da Vinci, which was later on translated into French as “sum up”(thesiswritinghelp,  2022). An excellent resume that includes one or multiple internships shows candidates hands-on experience in the real world.

Top Internships for College Students

The following are the best internships for college students.

Technology and Engineering

  1. Google Summer of Code Internship

    Google Summer of Code is an international summer internships for college students that also provides stipends to college students for their contribution to open-source Google projects. Students in Google Summer of Code work on practical projects that eventually provide students with exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

  2. Microsoft explores

    For students who are interested in software engineering then this internship program is for them because it includes professional development opportunities under the roof of Microsoft, real-world projects, and mentorship. They also provide paid internships for college students. Getting experience in Microsoft includes exposure to various range of technologies, chances of having contributions to new projects, and establishing networking with industry professionals.

  3. NASA Internship

    NASA offers various internships including technology and engineering. Students in NASA work on projects that are directly related to aerospace, aeronautics, and more. Students can gain experiences while working with industry-leading experts, exposure to cutting-edge projects, and most importantly contribution to space exploration projects.

Media and Communications Internships

  1. CNN Internship

    CNN also offers multiple internship programs including digital media, journalism, and production. They allow the intern to get practical experience in the dynamic landscape of the news environment. Students who are working at CNN are likely to get exposure to the landscape of journalism, news reporting, and networking with media leaders.

  2. BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellowship

    BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellowship is specifically designed for writers and journalists. They enable students to work with them on major writing projects and get mentorships. They will have the opportunity to publish their work on a world-recognized platform, get mentorship from experienced writers, and exposure to digital media.

  3. Disney Professional

    Disney also offers various positions for internships including communication, media production, and marketing. Students are allowed to work on projects that are related to Disney's upcoming projects. Working at Disney enables students to get exposure top-class entertainment industry, opportunities for networking with industry professionals, and can contribute to the iconic brand.

Business and Finance

  1. J.P. Morgan Summer Analyst Program

    Students interested in finance internships can apply for the J.P. Morgan Summer Analyst Program. Students can work on real-world projects, establish connections with industry leaders, and attend training sessions. Students receive exposure to the world's best financial industry, an

    opportunity to with financial tycoons, and hands-on experience in banking.

  2. Deloitte  Internship

    Deloitte has multiple positions open for internships including audit, consulting, and advisory. Interns can work on client projects, participate in events, and get training in finance discipline. Students can receive tons of benefits by getting exposure to different industries, practical consulting experience, and get opportunity to connect with international services firms.

  3. Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Program

    Goldman Sachs offers summer internships for college students program where finance students can take advantage. Students get an opportunity to work on projects, attend training, and receive mentorships. Students can have world-class experiences in investment banking, establish networks with industry leaders, and develop financial modeling and analytical skills.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

  1. Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

    The Mayo Clinic summer undergraduate research fellowship (SURF) enables students to get experience in biomedical research projects along with experienced mentors. Students get lots of benefits for their future careers because they get extensive exposure to practical laboratory, and cutting-edge medical research, and can avail the opportunity to contribute to healthcare.

  2. Johnson & Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson provides multiple positions for internships including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, customer health, and cosmetics. Students get the opportunity to work on practical projects and get useful knowledge in the healthcare industry. Moreover, interns can get exposure to industry leaders, various healthcare portfolios, and opportunities to contribute efforts to health innovations.

  3. Cleveland Clinic

    Students who are interested in healthcare administration, real-world clinical settings, and research in the health sector can avail the opportunity given by Cleveland Clinic. Students will get the benefits of working with top-ranked medical centers, real-world experience in healthcare operations, and the opportunity to collaborate with leaders of the healthcare profession.

Non-Profit and Social Impact

  1. United Nations Internship Programme

    The United Nations provides internships in various departments which allow interns to give useful insights and contribute to global issues. The interns will get the opportunity to connect with global leaders, exposure to world diplomacy, and contribute to work on pressing issue projects.

  2. Teach for America Summer Institute

    Students interested in education and social impact can avail the internship opportunity at Teach For America Summer Institute. First of all, interns get training and then they work in underprivileged communities. Interns in Teach for America get hands-on experience, and exposure to the education sector, and then make an impact in high-standard schools.

  3. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    WWF offers multiple positions for internships including environmental sciences, sustainable development, and conservation. Interns get the chance to contribute to projects that are related to protecting the planet’s biodiversity. Students will get the opportunity to develop connections with experts, work on projects that have global impact, and exposure to environmental conservation.

  4. Peace Corps

    For students who are interested in international development and providing service then the Peace Corps internship program is for them. Interns get the opportunity to work with local communities. Moreover, students' exposure to global development issues, contributes to the sustainability of the environment, and cultural immersion.


Internships are more than just a requirement for graduation but it is a crucial part of a college student's path to a successful career. The options presented in this piece cover multiple industries, providing an overview of the numerous opportunities available to ambitious students. Moreover, you can also apply for online internships for college students. College students can open doors to future success by setting the landscape for a satisfying professional life by choosing the correct internship and getting it with devotion and enthusiasm. Remember that the path from the classroom to the marketplace is about more than just what you study it is also about how you apply that information to make a lasting effect in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for an internship?

Start by choosing firms or organizations that are a good fit for your interests. To find internship opportunities, go to their official websites or career portals. Create an attractive cover letter and tailor your CV to showcase relevant skills and experiences. Submit your application via the appropriate channels, making sure it meets the company's standards. Take advantage of networking opportunities, visit employment fairs, and network with professionals in your sector.

Do you earn money during the internship?

Indeed, depending on the business, sector, and region, many internships are paid. While some organizations give out stipends or hourly pay, others offer useful experiences or academic credit in exchange for no money. Before applying, always read the internship specifics to understand the remuneration structure.

Can I land an internship with no experience?

Yes, it is possible to get an internship without having any prior experience. Many internships are meant to provide students with hands-on experience and opportunities to learn on the job. In your application, highlight your academic achievements, necessary coursework, and relevant skills. Volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and personal projects that reflect your ability should be highlighted. Consider networking, informative interviews, and leveraging relationships to improve your chances of securing an internship, even if you don't have much prior experience.

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