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What is Branding and What is Brand Analysis Writing?


“Progress over perfection”, Hollister’s new initiative: How they are trying to become eco-friendly meanwhile generating smashing numbers as their revenue? Or…

The Hollister confidence project”. It is also one of the brands initiatives that is 365 days a year program dedicated to help all the teens around the globe to make them feel Confident, Comfortable and Capable. What a wonderful startup!

What Exactly Is Happening?

What exactly are the brands trying to do? By now you might have guessed it right and if you haven’t, don’t worry I’ll enlighten you. They are trying to hit their target market by opting different ways and strategies. Still stuck?

Brands often try to reach to their potential buyers or in simpler words: Target Market in indirect ways. In ways they know, it will get the viewer’s attention. How? Let see. H&M is just a brand that mostly specializes in girl’s casual wear. What is discriminatory about it? Nothing really.

Now think of another brand, SHEIN for example, its various sustainability, philanthropy and diversity initiatives. Will it stand out of all the brands? Yes, because now SHEIN is targeting the people of various categories through their different approaches. The teens, the people knows the importance of stable mental health and the people who have an eco-friendly approach, not to forget the ones who are brand-conscious and obviously the loyal customers. Hitting all the categories at once, HOW? Through branding their business. But what exactly is branding?

Branding? A Word We All Are Familiar With

Branding is a marketing practice. From choosing a market price, a name for the business, a logo to choosing a symbol, all of it comes under branding. But there’s so much more that branding is about.



  “Any practice done to shape your business is called branding”


What is the purpose of branding?

Branding is done to create a strong positive perception of the business so it becomes identifiable among a lot of its competitors. It is also to create a memorable impression so that the people purchasing for the first time ends up becoming a loyal customer of the business.

Why is Branding Important?

Recognition for the brand

Branding gets business the recognition. A logo or a design is the face of a business which helps the people remember the brand. Through branding, a business becomes familiar to the customer, but creating a logo requires a lot creativity and patience.

Likelier to Have New Customers

Strong branding of the business already makes it go on the top of the list because of the good reputation it owns. Moreover, the positive impression of the busines increases the dependability of the consumers as they start trusting the brand. Yes, that’s the shot! Once a brand is being trusted by the consumers and have good words about it in the market, getting new customers wouldn’t even be a problem.

More Business Value

Through branding, a business can easily be recognized in the market because of its worthy reputation. This lets the business to have more exposure towards healthy investments as it holds a good reputation and is firmly established in the market place.

Workers Work With Pride

Employees are likely to be super proud and feel a new level of satisfaction when they work for a business or a brand that is highly-reputed in the market. They take pride in it which results in a better progress by them and hence increased efficiency.

But doesn’t branding require some sort of stats and numbers to reach to a conclusion or a decision? Yes, it does. To take a decision related to branding the business, your pocket needs to be filled with a lot of numbers, facts and statements to back up your decision.

That is exactly when brand analysis come into the picture.

Okay But What Is Brand Analysis Writing?

The dissertation writing services in uk , Australia, US or in any other region requires a lot a stats and figures to support their statements in the thesis writing. Similarly, while making a branding decision, one needs the overall analysis of the business or the brand analysis to reach to a conclusion or a decision.

Brand analysis writing or more specifically called brand audits render insights which are mostly strategic in nature. All the brand strategies are based on the analysis derived by the previous performance of the business.

Why Is Brand Analysis Writing Important?

Analysis guides the business owners regarding their next step. Without it the owners will have no idea what to do. They’ll be as lost as the students who’ve no idea about their academic career and then approach people who provide essay writing services in uk or in United States.

Does Branding Technique Changes Because Of Brand Analysis?

Everything in life eventually comes to a point where it needs to be changed, and Branding techniques are no exception. Most of the business spend a lot of time reviewing and remaking their branding techniques while looking for newer ways to optimize it. Branding mostly changes to keep up with the times, to stay on the top of the trends, to fulfill the customers need and to stay relevant to the social media as time changes.

One of the most known companies have changed their branding too overtime, Starbucks (they changed their logo) or Instagram who changed from a rainbow lens to a more modern one. Why? You already know all the possible reasons.


In order to state the importance of a business in a market place, it is legitimate to do its branding, so it gets on the top of the list and becomes familiar with most of the potential market. Once it is out in the market, and people know about it, nobody is going to stop you from making huge figures, only if right decisions are made for branding via the brand analysis writing.

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