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What is written communication - Pros & Cons


 “This is not the way! If you are not giving me the discount then cancel my order.

Isn’t it a rude way of conveying your messages to someone? You find it offensive! Let’s put it in a different way.

Let’s see how you would frame it in an email,

“This is not the way! If you are not giving me the discount then cancel my order.

“Dear management, I would like to cancel the order as the product I ordered is out of my budget if possible do you prefer giving me discount.”

Thank you.

Scout the differences in the wordings, well written communication is all about balancing your words and playing with it so that the message is conveyed in a positive note.

“Um, I would like to request you actually I have been terribly ill you know the health are lately been an issue due to weather conditions please extend my holidays.”

The way you write and the way you talk has a big difference which is shown above. What if you got hold of a document like this you are the CEO of the company? First of all the reaction would be priceless, secondly you would get terminated or be warned by the actions, thirdly it would deliver an unclear message and distractions.

These fillers can be acceptable in your verbal speech but would never be tolerated in your written.

As a teacher you check 100s of exam papers, essays if a document presented to you have all sorts of Um, uh, actually, literally and you know fillers you won’t understand what the writer is talking about.

The best way of making a written communication error free and understandable is removing those fillers.

“Dear HR, I would here by request for a sick leave due to my sever health issues and weather fluctuations has made it worse, kindly extend my leave period.”

Thank you.

You see flushing out those extra words out of your written communication makes a lot better and the message is conveyed properly with any distractions.

What is written communication?

There are times when you cannot convey your message through verbal cues that when you put your guards on written communication.

For instance, two broken friends need to resolve their issues as the phone conversation made it worse.

"I am really sorry for my rude behavior and useless talks as I know half of the mistakes were from my side please accept my apology"

This is what written communication is all about, you talk not in a two way conversation but a one way conversation made it easier for you to deliver the message without any other opinions exposing.

Written communication is something where no nonverbal cues are involves just playing with words and sentences in an informal or formal ways. A message that is conveyed by reading and then interpreting or keep it safe for the future.

How many types of written communication are there?

There are many ways to communicate the message into words, text or in an email form. As said by Essay Writing Service UK, most of the communication is non-verbal or written form. Only quarter percentage is conveyed by spoken words.

This can be done by:

These signs of written communication have been proven to be useful in working environment. There are many who do like to speak more than they like to write. As not everyone have the skills to convey the message through sentences.

 So, when you choose a specific form of communication type you probably will identify your reader who is he/she. Is the person a customer, a business man, a students or a teacher and whoever it is the tone of the words will be formal or informal.

Before moving on to pros and cons section, we will see some effective communication principles leading the spoken and written ways of communication to be pass off in a clearer and without any interruption methods.


The message coveyed on emails or letters has to be understandable and simple enough for the receiver, most importantly has to have one signular idea at a time.


The message conveyed has to be perfect enough to attract the audience and make it correct. It shouldn't have any sort of Grammar errors plus exact and authentic as well.


The message should have all the relevant information as any thing incomplete would led in confusion and lack of decision making.


The message deliever has to be authentic and valid in portraying to the audience. whatever, defined has to be claimed factually.


Streching your message to make it look long is not a good way of communication. Short and presize messages are do not misguide the readers and catched understanding quickly.


The main purpose to fulfil the understanding of the message is to cater the focus group. The sender shoud consider readers mind, knowlegde and background. Courtesy the message should not be biased or offense the reader.

While considering that checklist of communication that is applied for both written as well as spoken these elements has to be essential part.

Adv antages of written communication

Well, I have explained the written communication types, how the written communication is delivered through words and now talking about the pros and cons.


The written form is more visible and stored for years whenever you like to see what the person said it can easily be shown for proof.

Comparison with spoken communication

As compared to the spoken communication there is no proof if the person said something important or claims that the second person is guilty of something.

For example: You had done all your assigned task regularly, as you complete each task the supervisor ask for status and you give a statement of completing them on time.

But there is no written email or proven statement in written form.


Instant results is the best advantage of written communication so, whenever you need to exchange message whether they are important or not just click on the email button or type a text.

You do not have to wait for hours to receive the message you are deliberately waiting for.

Comparison with spoken communication

 Talking about instant results you would definitely get it however; there will be no authenticity or the person might be in a hurry and said something that is not understood properly or is incomplete.


 The best part of written communication is it leaves no doors for secrecy to get disclosed easily. The message can be hidden till the day of the person’s death.

Comparison with spoken communication

You see while texting your best friend and talking about all sorts of stuff is kept hidden in your mobile or may get deleted somehow. However, when you orally communicate with your friend and say something that should not be said in the public or you are revealing someone else secret (people says walls have ears too).

Disadvantage of written communication

When there are some advantages there are disadvantages too which are defined below.


The major drawback of written communication is it is somehow expensive. How? If you want to mail someone or want to talk for an urgent matter you need mobile, or laptop to deliver such message.

Comparison with spoken communication

The verbal communication is never expensive nor does it take any kind of products to deliver or receive the message. For instant if you want to have personal talk with someone you can do it in a private room and get quick result.


If you’re writing skills is not up to the mark it means there will be serious consequences faced by the reader. Obviously, grammar error or sentence structure not proper will incomplete or make the message unclear. It will lose its worth.

Comparison with spoken communication 

On the other, whether the person is a foreigner or a native speaker you can deliver those messages with gestures, body language, and expressions.


The biggest disadvantage of written communication is you cannot get instant approval of your message. Especially when you are a student and you ask for a leave request. The time duration of the message received but not accepted will take years.

Comparison with spoken communication 

As with verbal communication you directly ask for approval you instantly get your result whether it may be rejection or acceptance.

Wrapping up

5 W’s for communication




Communicator, the reader or listener

Control analysis, who have the authority


Kind of message, written or verbal

Content analysis, what kind of information would it is.


Audience or the reader

Impact analysis or audience analysis


Channel or medium

Media analysis


Why you need to communicate

Decision analysis


Well, according to my point of view there is nothing to claim about which is better and which is not. As each communication style is important and has its position at every level they stand.

But, talking about one singular point I must go for written communication as it seems to have Pros as compare to cons. Think about it, as a student, or an employee you meet people, make connections and exchange conversation that should be confidential or personal.

So, written act in a more professional and smoother way possible.

Essay writers UK has emphasize the communication style has to be written as many documentations, Memos and letters done should be safe or documented for the future.

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